We Create Our Own Reality

We create our own reality, not some of it, not most of it but all of it – Seth
We are Creators, Creation is our Basic nature.
We are Creators by default

We create 2 times for every life time

  • Before we take birth
  • After we take birth

There are 2 stages of creation

  • Unaware creation
  • Aware Creation

People who create by default are many a times un aware of it, and sometimes not during enough to accept their own power, that they created it.

Those who become deliberate creators are looked upon to be as lucky or masters.

Like everything in this world, Creation is also a science; in fact it’s our most basic science. A science which needs to be taught to every person from their childhood onwards.

Now let’s go into the learning of how we are creating reality.

The most simple and clear answer to the above question is our Vibration or feelings.

Yad Bhavam tat bavati: Bhagvat Gita
Buddhi Karmanusaram: Bhagvat Gita
Ask and it is Given: Bible
Like Attracts Like

All of the above statements are telling us how we are creating our reality
The Vibration that we hold most of the time in our selves is the one that we keep creating most of the time.

Remember.. the brain doesn’t understand the difference between a fake laughter or a real one, same with mind, it doesn’t understand the difference between a vision that you see with your eyes closed and the one that you see with your eyes open.

The experiment of 3 job less people in USA
Now let’s learn how to hold a Vibration for a longer period of time.
The most fertile mind for any creation is a peaceful or happy mind
Why do I keep creating exactly the opposite of what I want? Let’s diagnose that
Do we create our health?
Do we create our Wealth?
Can I create for some one else?