WarmUp Exercises 1


Sthiti: Taadaasana

  1. Make loose fists of your hands and place them on the chest.
  2. Collapse and relax your shoulders.

Stage 1: Slow Jogging

  1. Start Jogging on your toes slowly.
  2. Jog about 20 times

As days go by, gradually increase up to 100 times.

Stage II: Backward Jogging

  1. Lean a little forward and increase the speed of jogging gradually.
  2. Start hitting the buttocks with the heels.
  3. Repeat this 20 times at your maximum speed
  4. Then gradually slow down the speed
  5. Do not stop
  6. Continue and move on to slow jogging for at least 10 times.

Stage III: Forward Jogging

  1. Lean backward a little and now as you increase the speed again, try to raise the knees higher and higher.
  2. Raise the knees forwards to reach the chest level.
  3. Repeat 20 times at your maximum speed.
  4. Slow down the practice coming back to the stage of slow jogging again.
  5. Continue slow jogging for a few rounds, count 10 times.

Stage IV: Side Jogging

  1. Gradually increase the speed taking the heels sideways.
  2. As the speed increases bring the heels as much as close to the elbows.
  3. Repeat this movement 20 times at your maximum speed.
  4. Gradually slow down to come back to slow jogging stage
  5. Keep jogging a few more rounds (10) and finally stop the practice.


  1. Increase the speed of jogging gradually and not too quickly.
  2. Try not to stop at any stage of the practice until you have completed all the 4 stages of jogging.
  3. Keep the fists on the chest throughout the practice.

Stage V: Mukha Dhauti to relax

  1. Bend forward and place the palms on the respective thighs keeping the arms straight.
  2. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  3. While exhaling blast out the air forcibly through the mouth.
  4. Then, stand in Taadaasana and relax for a while.


  1. Exhalation in Mukha Dhauti relieves the strain of jogging and jumping
  2. Pulling the abdomen inwards, during exhalation

Forwards & Backward Bending

Sithiti: Taadasana

  1. Stretch the arms straight above the head with the palms facing forwards.
  2. Inhale and bend backwards with arms stretched above the head.
  3. While exhaling bend forward as much as possible.
  4. While inhaling come up and bend backwards and go on rapidly to forward bending with exhalation.
  5. Repeat 20 times with increasing speed.
  6. Gradually slow down and ultimately stop the practice.


  1. Start slowly and gradually increase the speed within your limits.
  2. You may also practice this while standing with legs apart when the arms will be moving between the legs.
  3. While bending forward do not let the hands touch the ground; swing them in the air backwards.
  4. Always bend from the lower waist.
  5. Make the movements freely, easily and in a flowing manner.

Side Bending:

Sthiti: Taadaasana

  1. Keep the legs about one meter apart.
  2. Raise the hands sideways parallel to the ground while inhaling.
  3. Bend to the right till the right hand touches the right heel while exhaling. Bend in the same plane.
  4. Look at the palm of the left hand directing forwards. Come up with inhalation.
  5. Repeat 4 or 5 times to the right and left side alternately.
  6. Relax in Taadaasana.


Sthiti: Taadaasana

  1. Spread the legs about one meter apart.
  2. Raise the hands sideways parallel to the ground while inhaling.
  3. Keep the legs firm on the ground and twist to the right, keeping the right hand straight.
  4. Simultaneously twist the neck and look at the tip of the fingers.
  5. Bend the left hand at the elbow to bring the hand close to the chest.
  6. Come back while inhaling.
  7. Repeat the same on the left.
  8. Gradually increase the speed to your maximum capacity.
  9. Repeat 10 to 20 rounds.
  10. Slow down the speed and stop the practice.
  11. Relax in Taadaasana.


  1. All twisting should be above the waist level. Keep the body below the waist, straight and firm.
  2. Do not bend the knees.

Pavanamuktaasana Kriya

Stage 1: Leg Rotation

Sthiti: Supine Posture

  1. While inhaling raise the right leg up to 45o position, without bending the knee. Keep the left leg firm on the ground.
  2. At 45o exhale and again while inhaling raise the leg further up to 90o
  3. Now while exhaling, bend the right leg at the knee and pull the right knee towards the chest with the hands (fingers interlocked) and lift the head simultaneously and place the chin on the right knee. Normal breathing.
  4. Lift the left leg and rotate five rounds clockwise and five round anti-clock-wise with normal breathing without bending the knee.
  5. Then lower the left leg to the ground.
  6. Now while inhaling release the hands, bring the head back on to the ground and straighten the right leg.
  7. While exhaling lower the right leg to 45o
  8. Here inhale and while exhaling again lower the right leg further down to the ground. Relax for a while.
  9. Repeat the same practice on the left side.


  1. While rotating the leg, try to draw as big a circle as possible in the air.
  2. Maintain the compression around the abdomen to have the best results.
  3. Here, the leg is raised to 90o position with two inhalations and similarly lowered on to the ground with two exhalations.
  4. Do not bend the leg at the knee, which is being rotated.

Stage II: Rocking and Rolling

Sthiti: Supine Posture

  1. Inhale and raise both legs to 45o
  2. Exhale here and while inhaling again, raise the legs further up to 90o
  3. While exhaling fold both the knees and pull them towards the chest with the hands interlocked around the knees and place the chin on the knees.
  4. Normal breathing.


A. Rocking

  1. Rock the body forwards and backwards 5 to 10 rounds.
  2. While rocking forward, try to stand on the toes and while rocking backward, feel the nice massage to the spine.
  3. Relax for a while in the same position and go on for rolling.

B. Rolling

  1. Roll the entire body to the right until the right elbow touches the ground
  2. Then roll to the left until the left elbow touches the ground
  3. Repeat this rolling alternately to the right and left 5 rounds
  4. Stop the movement
  5. Inhaling, release the hands, bring the head on to the ground and straighten both the legs 90o.
  6. While exhaling, lower the legs slowly to 45o
  7. Inhale here and while exhaling again lower the legs further down till the legs are on the ground.
  8. Relax in Saavaasana.