What is walk-in Phenomenon?

Walk-in Phenomenon is the process of transference of egos that one ego can depart physical body voluntarily and permit another ego to take over and reanimate the vacated body. The new soul comes in to Physical embodiment through the walk-in-process is called as Walk-in and the original soul which leave the body is called as Walk-out. When a Walk-in come into physical embodiment, the walk-out moves on other experiences in the non-physical world, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. The walk-in assumes full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress. The walk-in process can only take place with the full agreement of both the outgoing and incoming souls.

What is a walk-in?

Ruth Montgomery, in her 1973 bestselling book, Strangers Among Us, indicated that walk-ins are beings who have attained sufficient awareness of life so they can forego the process of birth and childhood, incarnating directly into adult bodies. Walk-ins are idealistic but not perfected souls, who through spiritual growth in previous incarnation have earned the right to take over unwanted bodies, if their overriding goal is to help mankind.

In her autobiographical book, Messengers of Hope, Carol wrote that walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at certain opportune moments for service to humanity.

Classification of Walk-ins

  • Exchange of souls
  • Prior agreements between walk-in and walk-out during life between life states.
  • Occupying the body of walk-out who desperate to leave due to its inability to cope-up with insurmountable hardships of the life.
  • Soul Merger
  • Descension (Invasion of Spirit or higher light to infuse the energy bodies from the Oversoul into body’s consciousness)
  • Re-incarnation in the same body.
  • Soul Braiding
  • An advanced soul joins the existing soul to infuse the wisdom required for the later one to accomplish its tasks.

The process of Exchange of souls (or) transference of egos

    • In case of prior agreement between Walk-in and Walk-out during live between live states, the process occurs at a predetermined time and location to ensure the optimal astrological configuration is achieved.
    • If the agreement is not predetermined, the walk-in spends considerable time to view the Akashic records of the soul who is desperate to vacate body and to understand its karmic patterns.
    • In most cases, the exchange takes place unconsciously and individual walk-in experiences are quite unique. A life threatening illness, accident, near-death experience, painful relationships, imprisonment, fear of persecution, financial distress and come states can be served as triggers to initiate the process of exchange. In special cases, the exchange can also take place during meditation, prayer or deep sleep.
  • The exchange takes place consciously which is extremely rare.

The process of Soul Merger (or) awakening of the aspect of Oversoul

    • DESCENSION occurs when more of one’s Spirit comes to reside in the body. T can feel ecstatic, as if someone really turned up the lght inside. Great clarity of purpose can result with the world looking quite different. The subjective experience can range from total bliss to complete disorientation.
  • REINCARNATION-IN-THE-SAME BODY(RSB) occurs when an embodied soul takes on a new, more enhanced soul contract because the existing one has been complete. This process can be conscious, illness or accident to enable the soul to briefly leave the body and have its new contract infused.

Metamorphosis after the exchange

  • The process of integration
  • Releasing the old spiritual mental and emotional bodies of the walk-out
  • Retrieval of spiritual gifts of Walk-in gained from the past-lives.
  • Personality transition
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Heightened states of Psychic awareness and gifted healing abilities
  • Overcoming the physical illnesses which seemed to be life threatening to walk-out
  • Establishing deeper intimacy and fulfillment in the existing relationship or moving out of the painful relationships.
  • Drawn to Esoteric teaching and Feeling great sense of compassion, faith and hope.
  • Ability to empathize fellow human being’s suffering and empowering them to find solutions on their own
  • Increased intellectual abilities and getting rid of addictions
  • Increased tolerance towards discrimination
  • Feeling a great sense of urgency to help mankind and More ecological awareness

Classic examples of walk-ins and Soul Braiding

Mahatma Gandhi, Anwar sadat, Bjorn Ortenheim, Descent of Christ spirit in to Jesus of Nazareth and Osho and Buddha so on..

  • Walk-ins purpose of life
  • To other humanity in to new age where all will be one
  • Spiritualizing the earth planet
  • To help mankind to awaken to their highest potential as well to cultivate the latent gifts given by the creator
  • Bringing social transformation
  • Establishing peace and harmony between the rival nations
  • Building self-sustaing communities more close to nature
  • Scientific Discoveries to address the serious challenges posed by the modern society
  • Curing terminal illnesses through holistic therapies
  • Retrieving the wisdom of ancestors and highly evolved beings from other galaxies
  • Channeling the art and music from spiritual planes
  • Prophecies by establishing communication with spirit guides.