Vedanta Deshikar

A great scholar and saint who lived about six hundred years ago. His personality was a blend of immense scholarship and a matching devotion to God. Love for mankind marked his eventful life; and he was full of piety and humility, despite his high scholastic accomplishments. He turned down patronage, money and honors, which came to him unasked, and led an exemplary life of sacrifice.

Vedanta-deshikar was held in esteem not merely by the Srivaishnavas; all those who loved scholarship, humility and a life of purity adored him. During his lifetime there was practically none that could vanquish him in learned discussion and arguments. But he was never aggressive and haughty. He was never on the offensive in intellectual baffles. But whenever he triumphed and he always did – he never crowed; he never humiliated his opponents. He always maintained his composure and self-restraint. He never attempted to make capital out of his learning and scholarship. When royal patronage which would have assured him a life of ease came to him unasked, he refused it. All that he ever desired was God’s mercy and the company of gentle and godfearing folk. His was a life lived in the service of God and for the cause of man.