Ujjayi Praanaayaama


Sthithi: Vajrasana / Padmasana / Sukhaasana / SIddhaasana

1. Sit it any comfortabla meditative posture.
2. Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
3. Be aware of breath in the nostrils.
4. Transfer awareness of breath to throat after sometime.
5. Feed inhalation and exhalation through the throat.
6. Gently contract the glottis so that soft snoring sound is produced.
7. Practice 10 rounds.


Ujjayi Pranayama may be performed with Khechari Mudra (folding of the tongue backward to touch the upper palate)


  1. It is tranquilizing Pranayama. It clams down the mind.
  2. It is useful to the person suffering from Hypertension.
  3. It relieves Insomnia.