The Seven Essense Mirrors of Relationships

Secrets of Sacred Relationships

A Sacred Relationship is one which has love, compassion and even passion without attachment and transcends the challenges of attachment, unfulfilled desires, expectations, codependency and confusion.

Self Responsibility

If we truly desire a sacred relationship we must first take full responsibility for our own attitudes, emotions and actions. It is no longer appropriate to project, blame or make another responsible for our lives, our love, joy, happiness and even the abundance we are experiencing. The only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them and you have given them the power.

Whether it is love, joy, acceptance, approval or even security, these are all attributes that are already within us. We live in an Action/Reaction world or the plane of demonstration where consciousness creates reality. We attract people and events to us according to our consciousness. Is it not wise to first heal ourselves, love, accept and approve of ourselves and then magnetize people and events to us which are a reflection of our self-love, self-acceptance, self-approval, as well as our own happiness and security?

Wisdom of Nag Hammadi Library

The ultimate sacred relationship is to become one with the loving, joyous, wise and powerful manifesting God within and allow that love to flow through you unconditionally and unattached to others and all life. With the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi library in the mid-20th century, ancient wisdom was brought to light again that we are participants in the creation of Life, not just observers. We experience contrast, discern choices and live the results. This wisdom goes on to tell us that we are born with all the tools and abilities to access all the information we need to create our life experience.


The Essense Mirrors of Relationship are a tool of that Awareness. There is an interaction between us and infinite Divine Intelligence. We are like transmitters and receivers of our own program of life. We transmit and infinite intelligence presents to us what it interprets as our vibration output. So infinite intelligence mirrors back to us its interpretation of our vibration. If you aren’t satisfied with what you are experiencing, you can look at the mirror and make changes in your thoughts, emotions and feelings, so that you tweak your vibration to align with what you desire to manifest.

The Severn Essene Mirrors

The Seven Essene mirrors of relationships will be presented to everyone through the relationships of their lifetime. The seven essene mirrors is a way of understanding how the process of life works. We can use what seem to be negative experiences as stepping-stones to healing and empowerment.

FIRST MIRROR: Reflections of the moment

“You have read the face of the sky and of the eart but you have not recognized how to read moment.”

The first mirror reflects to us that which we are. It is something we ourselves are doing or where we ourselves have been in error or wounded.

Many mirrors are presented to you through interaction in the moment, so that the correlation between the pattern and the outcome can be recognized. The mirror becomes out moment of powerful opportunity. Through these reflections we can become aware of our energetic charges and remove or change them. Knowing ourselves at the subtlest levels and transforming these moments into our learning is a path to self mastery.

SECOND MIRROR: Reflections of Judgment

“Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you”

This mirror reflects to us that which we judge. It is something we have an emotional charge with, something we have either been wounded by in the past and have not forgiven. It is good to discern; however if we judge and condemn with an emotional charge, we will attract exactly what we judge and condemn with an emotional charge, we will attract exactly what we judge into our lives.

Those qualities that you judge will come into your life or are already in your life. Recognizing them and compassionately allowing your relationships to demonstrate their mirror to you (rather than resisting or getting even) will help to reduce these instances.

THIRD MIRROR: Reflections of loss

“The kingdom of the Father is like a woman who was carrying a jar full of meal. While she was walking on a road, still some distance from home, the handle of the jar broke and the meal emptied out behind her on the road. She did not realize it; she had noticed no accient. When she reached her house, she set the jar down and ound it empty.”

The third mirror reflects back to us something we lost, gave away, or had taken a way. When we see something we love and desire in another, it is often something we have lost, given away or had stolen in our own lives. Every relationship is a relationship with self and often we try to reclaim what was lost. We gave away, or had taken away as a child. It could be joy, innocence, honesty and integrity, courage or love. All of which can be reclaimed within self.

As you journey through life, pieces of your life may be lost, innocently given, or taken away by those who have had power over you. These are your compromises, exchanged for surviving your experience. When you desire to love and give of yourself you may find nothing is left. Calling back those pieces of you may be your highest expression of personal mastery.

FOURTH MIRROR: Reflections of your most forgotten love (greatest fear)

“That which you have will save you, If you bring it forth from yourself.”

The fourth mirror reflects back to us our most forgotten love. This could be a way of life, a lost or unfinished relationship. Often it is a past life where a wrong conclusion from past experience was created. These will recreate themselves over and over until the right conclusion is registered in the soul as wisdom.

The part of yourself that you have least remembered, the part that you hold most clear is your forgotten love. Addictions provide you with the opportunity to experiece your greatest fears as you drive away the things that you hold most dear. The gift of addictions is that you can see your greatest fears and identify that which you have a charge on.

FIFTH MIRROR: Reflections of father/mother/creator

“Whoever does not hate his father and mother as I do cannot become a disciple to Me.

And whoever does not love his father and mother as I do cannot become a disciple to Me. For amy mother age me falsehood, but my true mother gave me life.”

The fifth mirror reflects back to us Father/Mother or the Creator. It is often said we many our father or mother. We also often become them acting our same healthy and unhealthy patterns we learned as a child. Our fathers and mothers are Gods to us. It will often reflect the same relationship we have with others and the Father/Mother God principle.

By virtue of healing your illusions and relationships with your earthly mother and father, you heal your perception of your relationship with the creator. The way we perceive our parents reflects our beliefs of the way the Creator views us. We see perfections in the perceived imperfections of life.

SIXTH MIRROR: Reflections of your quest into darkness

“All are born and must walk in the two spirits that the ‘One’ has created in man, the spirit of light and the spirit of darkness.”

The sixth mirror reflects back to us the Quest for Darkness or what is often referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul. This is when we meet our greatest, challenges, our greatest fears and have been gathering the tools and understandings in life to confront them. We never have any more than we can handle and we have a choice in every experience to great it as a powerful manifestation of God/Goddess within or a victim.

With few exceptions, nearly everyone will experience a ‘dark night of the sour’ at some point in the course of their lives. This is an experience where you are drawn into a situation or circumstance representing what appears to you to be your worst fear. This awakens a dormant force that may become your most powerful ally, a gift toward highest levels of mastery for you in this lifetime. You will access every particle of wisdom available to you, from the depths of your innermost experience, to overcome the fear. To know ourselves in our greatest darkness is our opportunity to heal that part of ourselves that we least choose to experience. To find our balance, we must know our extremes on either sides and embrace both to heal the judgment of our experience and to find the power of our truest nature. The quest into darkness does not have to hurt. The pain, if any, is also our mirror of the degree of charge that we have placed on “not losing” the things we hold most clear dear in life. This mirror empowers us to the level of recognizing the true self within us.

SEVENTH MIRROR: Reflections of your greatest act of compassion

“Show me the stone which the builders have rejected. That one is the comerstone.”

The seventh mirror reflects back to us our self-perception. Others wll perceive and treat us according to how we perceive and treat ourselves. If we have a low self-esteem and do not acknowledge our wisdom and beauty, others will not acknowledge them. If we are angry, bitter and unloving to others, they in turn will often react in the same way towards us. When we change our perception of ourselves, we change the world. May be it is time to be kind, loving and compassionate to ourselves and others. Remember that, “The only reason anyone has power over you is you want something from them, “Whether it is love, joy, companionship or a personal Divine connection, everything can be found within..

Through the mirror of ourselves, we are asked to compassionately allow perfection in each expression of life, regardless of how the experience is viewed by others. The greatest act of compassion that you may ever be asked to demonstrate may well be compassion for yourself. Worth and to love and respect the gift of the perfection of life through your body.


Each one of the seven mysteries is sequential, building upon the realization of the one previous to it and through each you heal your fears in doing so, you prepare for yourself the path that allows compasion to be a force in your life.

Subtle mirrors will be recognized and resolved before the powerful mirrors of even greater subtly are acknowledged. Emotions that lead to compassion are mastered, in sequence, through consciously acknowledging and mastering these seven mirrors. Recognizing what the sequence is saying to you and why you repeat similar patterns with different people may be you most powerful guiding lights toward your highest mastery. These mirrors are written in order from least to greatest degree of subtlety.

Everything is a choice. Do you choose a Master Life or deny it?