The Science of Meditation

What is Meditation?

  • Meditation is a No-Mind state, Chitta Vritti Nirodha.
  • Meditation is just a happening.
  • Meditation is emptying the mind of all thoughts.
  • Meditation is making the mind like an empty bowl, a bamboo-flute, or a still pond.
  • Meditation is witnessing the activities of consciousness or self.
  • Meditation is letting go
  • Meditation is detachment.
  • Meditation ia constant practice of mindfulness of breath.
  • Meditation is non-doing.
  • Meditation is living in the now and the here.
  • Meditation is being absolutely silent and still.
  • Meditation is awakening oneself to altered states of consciousness.
  • Meditation is silencing the inner talk.
  • Meditation is making contact with our inner essence.

What Meditation is not?

  • Meditation is not an intellectual process.
  • Meditation is not a mental exertion.
  • Meditation is not contemplation and is not prayer.
  • Meditation is not worship and is not chanting of mantras.
  • Meditation is not mind control and is not visualization.
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Meditation
  • Meditation is only for old people.
  • One needs to go to forest or mountain for meditation.
  • One needs supervision of a Guru for meditation.
  • Meditation is an escape from worldly responsibilities.
  • It is difficult to meditate.
  • Meditation is only for religious people.
  • It is necessary to sit in lotus position for meditation.
  • Meditation is all about relaxation.
  • Meditation is a serious affair.
  • Meditation detaches us from desires and feelings.
  • Meditation is a quick fix for all our problems.

How to Meditate?

  • Get into a comfortable posture.
  • Clasp your hands.
  • Cross your legs (if sitting in a chair).
  • Close your eyes.
  • Observe your natural breath.

When to Meditate?

  • Any time is the right time.
  • Meditating at same time every day is best.

How long to Meditate?

  • One minute for every year of one’s current age.
  • There are no restrictions whatsoerver.