Supta Vajraasana

Sthiti: Dandaasana

  1. Repeat positions of Vajrasaana as described earlier through 1 and 3. Recline slowly backwards taking the body weight on the right elbow first and then the left.
  2. Lie flat on the back. Keep the hands crossed above the head. Keep the knees close together in touch with the ground.
  3. Maintain with normal breathing.
  4. Return to Sthiti


  • Stretches the Lumbar Vertebra,
  • Stimulates the Lumbar Spinal nerves.
  • Helps to prevent Sciatica.
  • Mobilizes the hips, ankles and lower back.
  • Helps in case of varicose veins.


Presons with Slip Disc, Spondylolysis and Snee pain have to avoid this posture.