Spiritual Pregnancy and Pre-Birth Communication

The state preceding the birth is the in-utero state or the state in which the baby is in the mother’s womb. To uncover memories of this state, the client is first regressed gradually down to the in-utero state during the in-utero state, the soul does not completely associate with the fetus. It keeps moving in and out of the fetus and spends most of the time in the astral realms. The Soul is more connected with the spirit world and is aware of the reasons for having chosen the particular parents and family and the chosen life design. Hence, the client when regressed to the in-utero state can re-live memories of the Soul’s experiences of inter-life states and past-lives, and can then describe these experiences verbally.

Today, with advances in medical science, a lot is now known about the embryo and fetus. Many of the findings in this field can only be explained when we take into account the fact that the fetus is completely aware of what is happening both in the mother’s womb and its surroundings. In addition to this, the fetus is also connected energetically to the mother and to the father. For example, if the mother consciously or unconsciously produces thoughts that she does not want the baby, the fetus picks up these thoughts and it feels rejected. The feeling continues even after birth and the person grows up feeling unwanted, unloved and unlovable.

What is spiritual pregnancy means?

    • Pregnancy is a great spiritual experience and it is not just a mechanical process
    • Myths and Misconceptions about Pregnancy (Mother and Fetus)
    • Historical aspects of spiritual pregnancy – ancient spiritual traditions/religious/ancient medical systems
  • Modern medical/psychological/spiritual research regarding spiritual pregnancy

A lot of research has been done to find out what the fetus feels while inside the mother’s womb. We shall take a look at some of the main researchers and their findings.

    • Arthur Janov: He founded a powerful therapy called ‘Primal Therapy’ and talked about traumas experienced while the fetus was unborn.
    • Thomas Verney: He has done extensive studies on infants and newborns wherein he emphasized the emotional state of the unborn child. He also suggested ways in which parents can help the unborn child.
    • David Chamberlain: In his book ‘Babies Remember Birth’, he reported the memories of his clients, of their womb-state, and birth experiences.
    • David Cheek: He wrote about the pre-natal and birth memories of his clients. Prenatal state is the worm state.
    • Stanislav Grof: He described pre-natal and birth experiences.
    • Federick Leboyer
    • Igor Charkovasky
  • How the fears and emotional blocks of the Mother affect the fetal life?
  • Parental Research
  • Womb Research through the Regression Process
  • How the fetus develops energetic imprints? Like.
  • Rejections
  • Unloved feelings
  • Unsafe feelings
  • Anger
  • Conscious conception of the pregnancy – inviting a soul to enter the womb
  • The importance of the conscious conception
  • How it affects the future of the baby if the couple are stressed and not rightly educated about the spiritual aspects of pregnancy?
  • How to invite a right soul?
  • Pre-Birth Communication
  • How the pregnant woman can communicate with the fetus through meditation and send all love and safe feelings?
  • Abhimanyu/Prahlada(examples)
  • Benefits of spiritual approach and holistic principles of pregnancy
  • Children born without mental and emotional blocks
  • Karmic seeds won’t germinate if the children are born in a natural and spiritual ways