Seven Energy Centers and Blocks

All aliments begin as blocks in the flow of Kundalini Energy. The free flow of kundalini Energy is essential for maintaining good physical health. Therefore, awakening the Kundalini energy ensures proper physical health, which provides the foundation for emotional health, mental health, and spiritual growth.

Problems associated with blocks in the Chakras:

  • Muladhara Chakra – Lack of trust
  • Swadhisthana Chakra – Shame, Doubt
  • Manipura Chakra – Guilt, Powerlessness
  • Anahatha Chakra – Lack of intimacy, isolation
  • Vishuddha Chakra – Lack of creativity, lack of expression
  • Ajna Chakra – Lack of Intuition, lack of higher wisdom.

Past life blocks/Samskaras/Vsanas stored in the Chakras Muladhara:

  • Death due to inability to come to terms with the environment
  • Death due to starvation
  • Death due to severe ill health when there was no one nearby to help
  • Death or severe injuries due to accident
  • Severe conditions oflack (famine, drought etc..)
  • Severe poverty
  • Abandonment


  • Being a victim of sexual abuse (in this case the trauma carried is pain)
  • Being a perpetrator of sexual abuse (guild)
  • Being an helpless spectator when someone dear was being sexually abused (shame)
  • Being an accomplice in sexual abuse of another though not directly is perpetrator (guilt)
  • Death due to developing sexual intimacy with someone (fear)
  • Death due to developing emotional intimacy with someone (fear, shock)
  • Extreme suppression of emotions (emotional shutdown)
  • Rejection in love (fear of intimacy)


  • Repeated failure to gain a position of power and prominence (causes, lack of confidence)
  • Living a life of dependence (causes loss of self respect)
  • Death as a result of the quest for power and glory (causes fear)
  • Loss of loved oes in the quest for power and glory (causes shame)
  • Violating the freedom of others against their all (causes guilt)
  • Sudden loss of reputaion (causes shock)
  • Sudden lose of power (causes a feeling of powerlessness)


  • Constant criticism leading to feeling unloved
  • Abandonment or rejection leading to death
  • Abandonment leading to feeling unloved
  • Living in a loveless environment
  • Separation of a loved one
  • Death of a loved one
  • Betrayal


  • Being persecuted for speaking out the universal truths
  • Persecuting others for speaking the universal truts
  • Hurting others deeply due to wrong use of words
  • Hurting others by being extremely critical
  • Being severely criticized by others
  • Suppression of one’s creativity
  • Misuse of higher powers


  • Invalidation of intuitive abilities, and psychic abilities
  • Persecuting others who had intuitive abilities
  • Being persecuted for having intuitive abilities
  • Being persecuted for having psychic abilities
  • Persecuting others who had psychic abilities
  • Misuse of intuitive and psychic abilities


    While there are no specific areas blocking sahasrara state, factors that influence the progress are:

  • Understanding that we get from life’s experiences
  • Ability to practically live the understanding by bringing the wisdom into physical reality.

The following conditions block the spiritual progress:

  • When we are unable to see the highest good in everything that life has to offer
  • When we are afraid of finding out that we are powerful beyond measure
  • When we are so caught up in the “doing”, that we forget the “being”
  • When we put external conditions on our spiritual experiences
  • When we are unable to have faith in the universe
  • When we are unable to trust the higher self
  • When we are without compassion
  • When we are without love
  • When we fear death