Seven Bodies

Annamayakosh /Physical:

Occupies Time and Space

Food Sheath – Right Food

Pranamayakosh /Etheric:

Travels through space

Prana Sheath – Conscious Practices

Manomayakosh /Astral:

Travels through Space and Time (Only Individual Past)

Mental Sheath – High quality thoughts

Vigyanamayakosh /Causal:

Travels through Space and Time (Past and Future of the Individual)

Knowledge Sheath – Right Knowledge

Anandamayakosh /Spiritual:

Travels through time (Past and Future of Everyone)

Bliss Sheath – Living in Joy

Viswamayakosh /Cosmic

Cosmic Onenes

Cosmic Sheath – Practicing Oneness

Nirvanamayakosh /Nirvanic:

Nirvanic Sheath – Zero Point Field