Samsara is Nirvana


Samsara literally means continuous flow.

Samsara is our journey through the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth colloquially, “Samsara” can also refer to a general state suffering that occur in day to day life.


Nirvana means “blowing out a candle”

The state of “being free from suffering”

Why is Samsara Said As Suffering?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

As we start our journey through the samsara, we get identified and attached ourselves with the physical body and physical environment.

And as we start moving away from our spiritual centre we feel “we and the world are separate”.

Due to this avidya (ignorance) suffering starts in samsara.

And as the life continues we usually come to the conclusion that samsara/this journey is suffering.

Why Is Samsara And Nirvana Are Considered Opposities?

Seeing the suffering in the samsara and not knowing the means to come out of this, people started moving away from the samsara.

And this has been done in the name of sanyas and renunciation.

This sate of being away from samsara is mistaken as the state of freedom..the state of liberation..

Since this state of being away from suffering is somewhat similar to the state of enlightened person the wrong concept that samsara and nirvana are opposites is formed.

Maya – the illusion – The most misunderstood word

  • The world when seen as three subdivisions consist of
  • One world is the outside world, the objective world, which science investigates.
  • Second world is the world of the mind, the world that the psychoanalysts, the psychiatrists, the psychologists investigate. It is illusory; it has no truth, either objective or subjective. It is in between.
  • And the third world is our subjectivity, our interiority, our inner self.

When Eastern mystics use the word samsara – the world – they don’t mean the objective world that science investigated. They don’t mean the world of the trees and the mountains and the rivers as not at all. They mean the world that we create, spin and weave inside our mind, the wheel of the mind that goes on moving and spinning. Samsara has nothing to do with the outside world.

But most people mistake the outer world as maya – the illusion.


Looking life from the stand point of self-ignorance is samsara

Looking at life from standpoint of self-knowledge is nirvana,

So in reality Samsara and Nirvana are one bit the ways of looking at it are two.

More than a path, sanyas or the renunciation is an attitude.

“You cannot renounce this world

because it is not attached to you ever”

When the renunciation is understood as a path or a lifestyle, then the need to leave the family behind in lurch and abandoning the responsibilities seem to be more inevitable.

But if understood in the right manner, sanyas does not push someone out of the mundane and volunteer into the isolation of an insular monastery.

Disciple: So what is renunciation?

Master: Giving up the notion that you exist independent of you source!

In fact, in the renunciatory idea of sanyas, there is actually nothing to give up.. it is more of expanding the ego or the sense of “I” to its source than tossing it up into oblivion.

“Freedom found in the absence of maya is just ‘escape’

But not influenced by it, while being in it, is true ‘freedom'”

Enlightenment does not destroy or eliminate anything in the world. Mind still thinking the body still active, breath flowing, ego brimming with bliss than ever before, the world still intact with all its din and roar, maya with its usual routine, the earth still spinning, stars twinkling in the atmospheric pollution, moon waxing and warning, life is just the same.

As everything continue to exist, only you become aware of the ways of maya and establish awareness with your own self, refine your ego and continue your life on earth just as anyone else.