Sthiti: Vajrasana

  1. Place the palms resting on the thighs.
  2. Let the upper set of teeth touch the lower set of teeth.
  3. Keep the tip of the tongue just behind the teeth.
  4. Inhale through the crevices of the teeth and feel the cool air moving slowly and continuously into the mouth and passing down the throat into the lungs.
  5. The warm air is exhaled out slowly through both the nostrils. Feel the warmth of exhaled air.
  6. This completes one round of Sadanta.
  7. Repeat nine rounds.


  1. Physical

They induce muscular relaxation and an over-all cooling effect. They soothn the eyes, ears and purify the blood. They quench the thirst, appease hunger and generate a feeling of satisfaction. The taste buds and the mouth are sensitized.

  1. Therapeutic

Allergies due to cold can be effectively overcome by prolonged practice. They help in reducing tensions and stress and induce mental tranquility. Sitkari and Sadanta keep the teeth and gums healthy. They help reduce blood pressure and acidity in stomach. They cure chronic dyspepsia (indigestion), various chronic skin diseases, and release even very subtle tensions.

  1. Spiritual

Expansion of awareness – a facet of spiritual growth – takes place as you move from Sitali (linear awareness) to Sitkari (surface awareness) and then to Sadanta (3-D awareness).


People with Low Blood pressure should avoid. People suffering from cold, sore throat, bronchitis etc.. should avoid. Practitioners with sensitive teeth, missing teeth for dentures should avoid Sitkari and Sadanta. Instead they can practice Sitali. Generally, avoid in winter or in cool climates.