Reincarnation And Evolution Of The Soul

A stone I died and rose again a plant
A plant I died and rose again an animal;
I died an animal and was born a man
Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?

All souls are divine sparks of light and consciousness that have emerged from the Source/Go/All-That-Is. We came forth from source so that source could experience itself through us. In the grand oneness of source there is explosion upon explosion upon explosion eternally, with each explosion creating sparks of light and consciousness. Many souls emerge together from every explosion. All the souls emerging together from the same explosion constitute a soul group or Entity. All the souls of a particular entity choose a particular plane of existence for their experience. The earth happens to be one of countless planes of existence. In the first stage on earth, all the souls incarnate as Minerals/Rocks. This is followed by incarnations in the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and finally as humans.

Reincarnation is, therefore, linked to the evolution of soul. The soul evolves through its many incarnations. We have seen that souls originate from the divine source or all that is and eventually rejoin the source. The evolution of the soul occurs during the period in between the emerging out and the eventual rejoining of the soul with the source. There are seven levels through which the soul goes through during its evolution. There are as follows.


As soon as the soul emerges from source and begins its physical existence on the earth, it feels disoriented. Being a new entrant to the earth plane. It does not have enough experience to get the adjusted to the environment. For the inexperienced soul, physical existence on the unfamiliar earth plane is a struggle for survival. Not surprisingly, survival is the primary issue when the soul is in this stage, which is called the infant soul stage. The basic approach towards life adopted by the infant soul is that of avoidance ((of venturing into the unknown). Infant souls are usually born in primitive conditions and are usually found very close to nature: like deep forests, mountains etc; because these kinds of environments help them to learn and sharpen their survival skills.


After several incarnations as an infant soul, the soul now moves on to the next stage called the Baby soul stage. By this time most of the survival issues have been dealt with and most of the fears have been overcome though they still feel that the world is a scary place. Now the individual wants a more structured and so called ‘civilized’ life and would like to prove that he or she can do it right. Structure helps them to feel at ease in the world. Discipline is the hallmark of a baby soul. The baby soul’s approach to life is ‘any task taken up should be done properly or else it should not be done at all,” This makes them to seek out higher authorities. These authorities make the rules and the baby souls simply follow these rules. Examples of Baby souls are soldiers, followers of monastic orders, followers of cults, and grass root level workers in political parties, etc.


After mastering the issues related to survival, structure, discipline and civilized living the individual wants to see how powerful it can become in this world. The driving force for the Young Soul stage is independence and the ability to get what one wants from life. Domination is the goal of the Young Soul and it constantly strives to attain positions of power, wealth and prominence. The approach of the Young Soul towards life is always that of ensuring that others do things their way. Political leaders, dictators, military leaders, business tycoons, religious leaders, cult leaders, etc.. are all examples of Young Souls.


By the time the soul approaches the end of the Young Soul stage, there is a kind of uneasiness and a feeling that something is missing. Fame, wealth and power lose their appeal. This signals the beginning of the Mature Soul Stage. The Mature Soul seeks to know its true identity in relationship to the universe and begins the search. It frequently asks questions like “Who am I” and “Why am I here”. Mature Souls see others as mirrors of themselves and they can, therefore, see the other person’s point of view. They become deeply immersed in relationship issues wherein emotions open up and boundaries between people break down. Due to this, the Mature Soul stage is the most emotionally intense and trying of all soul stages. The approach of the Mature Soul is to attempt to be unaffected by the actions of others. Examples are people with complex relationship issues.


By the time the Soul reaches the old soul stage it begins to realize that we are all parts of one great whole and that we are all inter-related. An old soul perceives the ‘oneness’ in the Universe. Old Souls have respect for all forms of life. They do not harm others. They are also non-judgmental and attempt to maintain personal integrity in all their dealings with others. The old soul has an approach of you do your thing and let me do my thing’. They do not force their point of view on others and are more objective about the ups and downs of life.


Souls, when they emerge from source, emerge in soul groups or entities. When an individual soul completes all its incarnations, it recombines with the entity of which it is a part. By the end of the old soul stage, the soul would have completed all the incarnations that are required for its evolution. It then rejoins its entity or soul group. After all the Souls forming part of an entity complete their incarnations, they all rejoin the entity and now the entity is called a fully recombined entity. A member soul of this fully recombined entity may choose to come to earth and help humanity in their process of evolution. Such a soul is called a Transcendental soul. Transcendental souls bring about great social changes and help people to understand that they are parts of the universal whole.


Infinite souls are the manifestations of the ‘Divine Source’ or ‘Tao’ or ‘All That Is’. The consciousness of the entire universe is encompassed in the one body of the infinite soul. Examples of Infinite souls are Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Lao Tzu. Infinite Souls are co-creators with ‘All That Is’ in the creative process of the Universe.


“If you don’t believe in Karma or reincarnation, don’t worry, probably you will in your next life.”
-Dr.Bruce Goldberg

A significant number of independent researchers across the globe have found out conclusively that profound healing and transformation always accompanied past-life-recall. This finding prompted them to look for ways to induce past-life-recall so that it can be used as a therapeutic tool. This led to the evolution of Past-life-regression as a powerful tool for therapy and transformation. We are the sum total of all that we have been in out past-lives (from the first life to the present moment). Past-life-regression helps to explore past lives and retrieve the energies of those lives. By exploring our past-life-regression helps to explore past lives and retrieve the energies of those lives. By exploring our past-lives we can find the solutions for the problems that we face in the present life.

Past-Life-Regression brings a person in touch with his/her larger reality and helps to achieve a clear understanding of why situations in this life are the way they are. It therefore helps to make our life more joyful and fulfilling. Past-life-regression goes to the very roots of a problem and enables us to eliminate the source of the problem. The noot-cause of a problem lies in the past. The effect is felt in the present. Thoughts, words, feelings and actions that have been set in motion in the past continue to affect us at all levels of our being (body, mind, emotions and spirit) in the present moment. Past-life-regression is a holistic therapy because it works on all the levels of our being-body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

To understand how past-lives are recalled during Past-life-regression, we first need to understand the functioning of the mind, how memories are stored, and the different ways in which we perceive the various realities that surround us.

The Importance of Past-Life-Regression:

We might all agree about the validity of reincarnation but we still ma not be totally convinced about the need to remember our past-lives. To understand the importance of Past-life-regression, we shall take a look at a few analogies :

Reading a book
Putting together a jigsaw puzzle
Observing the weaving of a Carpet or Tapestry

We can now realize the importance of past-life-recall. We also know that occasionally, past-life-recall occurs spontaneously and out of the blue, during dreams, during mediation, etc. But how can induce past-life-recall so that we may reap its benefits? The answer to this lies in Past-life-regression.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
-George Santayana