Rabbit Breathing


Sthiti: Vajraasana

  1. Keeping the knees together, bend forward and rest the forearms on the floor, keeping the elbows by the side of the knees and palms flat on the ground.
  2. Maintain the head at a distance of one hand length from the ground to chin. Open your mouth partially. Protude the tongue partially. Touch the lower lip resetting on the lower set of teeth.
  3. Gaze at a point above 2 feet on the ground in front of you.
  4. Pant quickly like a rabbit, using only the upper part of the chest. Feel the air moving beautifully in and out of the lungs. Feel the expansion and contraction of the chest muscles. Continue for 20 to 40 breaths.
  5. Close your mouth and relax in Sasankaasana. Stretch your hands forward with the forehead resting on the ground. Feel the relaxation fo chest and thorax. Allow your breath to return to normal.


  1. Breathe rapidly through the mouth only, using the thoracic muscles.
  2. Make sure that the abdomen presses on your thighs preventing any abdominal movements
  3. Do not drop your head on to the floor.