Quantum Healing – Deepak Chopra

The Book is divided into two parts:

  • The Hidden Physiology
  • Body of Bliss

The Hidden Physiology

After the Miracle

The chapter introduces us to Chopra’s patient, Chitra who came to him with Breast cancer which had spread to the lungs too Along with the conventional ontological treatment of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Chitra wanted to try out a more holistic approach towards the cancer. Chopra advised her a week’s stay at his centre receiving ayurvedic treatments to remove the toxins in the body as well as consuming herbs and practicing yoga and meditation. These procedures aimed at bringing a person into a settled, restful state thereby building a foundation for healing. In Ayurveda, a level of total, deep relaxation is the most important precondition for curing any disorder. This helps in the body’s own natural healing abilities in bringing everything back to balance.

Chitra continued with the Ayurvedic treatments as well as chemotherapy and after almost a year, developed high fever. Her condition worsened but suddenly all symptoms disappeared along with the cancer! Chitra owed it to Chopra though she doubted tht the miracle may be temporary. Chopra mentions that reseach into spontaneous cures in the US and Japan shows that just before the cure appears almost every patient expreieces a shift in awareness. He knows that he will be healed, and he feels that the force responsible is inside himself but not limited to him – it extends beyond his personal boundaries, throughout all of nature. At this mmemnt the patients apparently jump to a new level of consciousness that prohibits the existence of cancer. This leap in consciousness chopra chose to call it quantum healing.

The Body has a Mind of its Own

Spontaneous healing like Chitra’s has led Western medicine toward a field known as mind-body medicine. Every physician knows that a patients will to recovery plays a vital part in the treatment.

The Sculpture or the River?

The body is likened to that of a river than a sculpture in this chapter. The body is made up of about 50 million cells which is 10000 times the population of earth. Every body knows how to heal a cut yet apparently few people’s bodies know how to care cancer. Chopra says that man made drug is a stranger in a land where every one else is blood kin. The healing mechanism lies somewhere in the overall complexity. Every cell is bound together in the body by a web of intelligence part of this intelligence devotes itself to healing and it seems to be a very powerful force. The frustrating reality as far as medical researchers are concerned is that we already know that the living body is the best pharmacy ever devised. It produces diuretics, painkiller, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, antibiotics and indeed everything manufactured by the drug companies and it makes them much, much better. The dosage is always right and gives on time, side effects are minimal or nonexistent.

Chopra comes to three conclusions :

  • The intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies
  • Our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.
  • That intelligence is more important than the actual matter of the body, since without it, that matter would be undirected, formless and chaotic.

Usually a cell divides in response to its own internal need combined with signals generated from the cells around it, the brain and the faraway organs. In the case of cancer the division is wild whereby a single cell reproduces itself without check. Talking no signals except from its demented DNA. The reason for this is unknown. Chemotherapy is a calculated risk toxic to the entire body and brings down the immune system.

Messengers from Inner Space

Minute chemicals called neurotransmitters race to and from the brain telling every organ inside as of our emotions desires memories intuition and dreams. Neurotransmitters touch the life of every cell Wherever a thought wants to go, these chemicals must go and without them, no thoughts exists.

Ghosts of memory

Drug addicts, anorexics are trying to battle a cause within themselves and these are the memories which they do not want to remember. No drug can actually pair up with a thought. Its all inside you and that is the part that is so tough. Once an impulse starts to rise there is no turning it back. A cell’s memory outlives the cell itself. But they must fetch thoughts from the region that les deeper than thought and it is there that a cure might be found.

The Quantum mechanical Human Body

The discovery of neuropeptides was so significant because it showed that the body is fluid enough to match the mind. Neuropeptides are messenger molecules which can move with a thought and helps in transformation.

Nowhere and Everywhere

An experiment was done by a French Immunologist Benveniste wherein je tppl a sample of human serum full of white cells and lgE, (an antibody which is triggered in the case of an allergy). He then repeated the experiment by diluting the lgE to the point that the solution did not contain lgE at all. In all cases the experiment produced the same result. This went on to prove that the antibodies are released even without the physical presence and just with the “memory” of the trigger We choose to be allergic to substances mostly at an unconscious level.

Silent Witness

Beyond thoughts, senses and emotions is the empty space – the inner space of silent intelligence exerting a powerful influence on us.

Mystery of the Gap

The doctor’s attitude to the illness and the patient’s interpretation aids the healing. Experience of deep self, silent gap between the thoughts is infinite reality from where healing happens.

In the Rishi’s World

It is not Genetics or Experience but the level of consciousness that sets the pitch for our life. The waves in the ocean rising and falling see only their motion. They forget they are the ocean. They do not see the greater truth. Wallace’s experiment – measurements of relaxation – slower breathing and heartbeat, appearance of alpha waves in EEGs, decreased oxygen consumption in breath, heightened awareness. He had physical measurements for a state of consciousness – fourth state of being. In this space a person experience a silence devoid of thoughts, emotions, drives, wishes, fears.

Birth of a Disease

A man coming back home one late evening saw a coiled snake is the dust In fear he rushed to his village and shared his story. Soon the news spread to all and the women and children shut themselves inside the huts in fear. An entire village believed in the coiled snake in the dust until one brave soul decided to find the truth. When he went to the spot he found that it is actually a coiled rope in dust. All our fears are build up from what we tell ourselves is the reality.

Diseases need a host which has to accept it. When our systems are imbalanced we run the risk of being affected by diseases, germs, etc. Not only germs, but the imbalances also cause conditions in the body which are dis-eases.

“What You See, You Become”

Ahm Brahmasmsi – I am the Universe, everything that is created and uncreated. The ultimate power lies in the source. Awareness causes reality shifts. Meditation causes bigger shifts. DNA remembers everything that has ever happened to human beings.

Body of Bliss

If you open your mind to the possibility it is no more surprising that stars, galaxies and human beings can be created from OM (the word or the thought) than from a superstring. It is consciousness that creates the Body. Our attention shifts awareness from passive to active mode. Bliss is the vibration our intelligence constantly sends out to the world.

The End of the War

Quantum Healing is the ability of one mde of Consciousness (Mind) to spontaneously correct the mistakes of another mode of consciousness (Body).

Ageless Body, Timeless Mind

The book is presented in five parts.

Part One: The Land Where No One Is Old

Aging is a mask for the loss of intelligence. In order to stay alive the body must live on the wings of change. Listed below are ten principles of the new paradigm of a hidden potential beneath the surface of Life:

  • There is no objective world independent of the observer
  • Our bodies are composed of energy and information
  • Mind and body are inseparably one
  • The biochemistry of the body is the product of awareness
  • Perception is a learned phenomenon
  • Impulses of intelligence constantly create the body in new forms every second
  • We are all connected to patterns of intelligence governing the cosmos
  • Time is not absolute. The underlying reality of all things is eternal
  • Everyone inhabits a reality of non-change lying beyond all change
  • We are not victims of aging sickness and death. These aer scenery, the seer is immune to all forms of change.

Part Two: Aging and Awareness

Awareness is a field of energy and information which can heal or destroy. Awareness has the power to change aging depending on our attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and reactions. A reaction anywhere in spce-time causes a shift in the entire quantum field. Quality of life depends on the quality of attention that you give towards life situations.

  • There are three Ages of Man:
  • Chronological Age: The age as it goes by the calendar year
  • Biological age:how old your body is in terms of its cellular processes
  • Psychological Age: how old do you feel you are Of these the psychological age is of utmost importance as we can see.

Part Three: Defeating Entropy

Entropy is the nature of the Universe to break down into a disorder and chaos. It started with the Big Bang. But the human body exists in utter defiance of entropy. The cells of the human body are extremely fragile. If you leave a cell our in nature it will wither and die in a few minutes. Yet it is incredibly orderly and capable of adding to its order with even more complexity. We are alive because of the creative power within us creating beautiful symmetries. Creation and destruction co-exists. The intelligence present in each cell has remarkable capacity for cell repair and balance. We now know that the DNA is capable of self repair.

Part Four: Science of Longevity

People who have crossed 100 years have very balanced life and life styles.

They may be living alone or may look like selfish people but the truth is they are self-sufficient and have the ability to make choices of life independently.

They are predominantly joyful people and have high levels of adaptability.

They are generally satisfied with life in general and religious people but without any strong religious beliefs or backing.

They eat a moderate diet rich in protein and low in fat and are early risers. They have experienced minimum weight fluctuations during their life.

One of the keys to increase the longevity is by preserving the prana levels of our body. Levels of prana can be increased in the body through the consumption of fresh food, exercises, activities and emotions that make us feel good etc.

Breath is the main source of prana for the body Breath awareness and pranayama are the best ways of absorbing the prana from breath.

Part Five: Breaking the spell of Mortality

Birth and death are two poles of the concepts of life. It is the fear of death that gives death its power. We must learn to overcome the illusion of death and cultivate an awareness of timelessness to break the spell of mortality.

I move with infinite in Nature’s power I hold the fire of the soul I hold life and healing – Rig veda.