Psychokinesis and telekinesis are terms given to the ability to move objects with your mind. All of us are already using these abilities, at least unconsciously, because our thoughts and emotions influence and interact with everything in our environment – our thoughts and emotions affect the energy that is at the core of everything.

This mental influence we exert over everything in our environment may appear to be negligent, not because it is not there, but because we are unaware of it. Instead of acknowledging it, we deny it and in that way just reinforce the belief we may have that this ability is reserved for some special people.

If you take a thought and measure its power and strength and compare it to the thing you’d like to affect – the idea of affecting it or moving it only with your thoughts may seem far out. The thought is so light and transparent and the object looks so big and heavy – how could you possibly affect it? You can affect it because energy follows thought. The interaction does not really occur between a thought and an object, but rather between the energy you generate with your thoughts and the energy the object is made of.

The interaction then occurs just as it does between two people – you can ask another person to move, or you can push another forcefully. Either method will bring you an outcome. You also have a choice of asking another person nicely to move, in which case you have established rapport with that person sufficiently that he will do what you ask of him, or if you have that authority you can command him to move. To establish rapport with the object you desire to move, you have to tune into it – to synchronize your own energy with it. In that way the object becomes an extension of you and moving it or affecting it in any way then equals moving a part of you.

Whichever approach you may choose to experiment with, you’ll have to still and focus your mind and energy sufficiently to exert any significant influence. That’s what the Mastering Psychokinesis is designed to help you with – as well as providing you with several different experiments. Another useful recording for this purpose is New History Generator from Spiritual Alchemy selection.

So what can you move with your mind? Absolutely anything, if you can generate enough energy required to move the chosen object. The more fully you align yourself with your superconscious, the more you allow infinite power to flow through you freely, the more power you’ll exert.

While you may have (and you may have had) many spontaneous experiences of Psychokinesis – when using this ability intentionally, you’ll find it easiest to influence objects at times and in a way that is truly important for you – intense focused emotions generate a lot of focused power. You may even surprise yourself with the effects your can create when every cell and fiber of your being is enflamed with the need to have a certain outcome, when your whole being screams that you have to have it and when there’s seemingly nothing you can do on the outside and the only resource you can use is your own mind. That state is light-years away from a wishful thinking “oh, I think it would be nice if I could move that thing over there, but I don’t think I can” – which is devoid of any power.

Note: If you do get into that “fiery” state of being and decide to conduct your Psychokinesis experiments, I recommend you stay away from computers, and possibly other electrical devices (until you discharge the energy) – as I’ve blasted (sizzled?) few computers along with sizzling my distant targets. Those were very expensive experiments. Very successful and very costly.

If your interest in this ability is to impress others and to feel important, I would discourage you from pursuing it. If, on the other hand, you are interested in actualizing and developing your own potential, go for it. You’ll have countless hours of fun.

You’ll meet with even greater success if you make silence your best friend i.e. do not tell anyone about your specific “Psychokinesis project” until you get the desired outcome. The exception to this rule is – if you’re working on a project with another person, yes you can tell that person. I have generally had much greater success working on my own on any specific mind-project, then with someone else or with a group.

At one time when the project was extremely successful and the results were almost instantaneous, I didn’t even know that someone else was working on the same thing – I found out a week after the event. The reason it worked is that both of us silently and fervently focused on the same outcome and our focused energies merged and created results beyond our wildest expectations. We have never, before or after, worked together. It just happened that the particular event was of crucial importance to both of us and at the time absolutely nothing else mattered but that we get the outcome we were after, so we did.

Among many reasons for silence, one of them deals with preventing the energy leak (if you want to know more about this, then you may want to subscribe to Deep Trance Now Newsletter) but let’s look at another one. If you don’t tell anyone about your intended project, you have nothing to prove and therefore will be in a better state of mind to conduct your experiment.

How relaxed and focused can you be on your specific project, if you keep on wondering will it work or not, what will happen and what will this person think of me if I it doesn’t work as expected? If you remain silent about your project, whatever success or apparent failure you experience will be your own – for your own learning. Sometimes the effects you’re after may be instantaneous, sometimes you may need to dedicate several days or weeks to the same project and you may not even have a clue how exactly will it turn out.

The only thing you can rest assured is that if you put enough energy into your project, something will happen and that something may be a surprise even for you. The reason for this is that other than you own thoughts and energies, other people’s thoughts and energies may also enter the picture. And even though the whole process works with mathematical precision, you don’t consciously know all the elements involved, especially when it involves other people.

Another thing you may take into consideration is that for the most part the effects you produce will seem perfectly natural to the point that no one may even suspect that some person had intended (and created) the specific outcome and only you will know that you created or co-created it.

For example, if you work on a desired weather change – well, it is natural for weather to change and there’s nothing weird or unusual about enjoying few hours of sun at the spot where you decided to have a picnic, while it may be raining elsewhere. And, no, there won’t be any trumpets celebrating your success, and there won’t be any fireworks blasting to honor your weather-changing success – so, just enjoy your sunny picnic.

If you really have to tell someone about your Psychokinesis project, tell it AFTER you’ve successfully completed it, and only if there is a good reason for telling. Bragging about your success for sheer entertainment value is not a good reason. Mentioning it to someone for its educational value may be a good reason.

Practice Psychokinesis with a Candle Flame

Light a candle. Tune in with the flame and practice moving it in different directions – higher up, down, toward the left, right, etc.

Practice Psychokinesis with A Pendulum

You can get an actual pendulum or attach a small object (e.g. a ring) to a string. Attach a string to some object so that the pendulum can move freely in any direction without touching anything. Tune in with the pendulum and practice moving in back and forth, left-right, clockwise, counter-clockwise, etc.

Practice Psychokinesis with A Cotton Ball

This experiment is done the same as with pendulum, except that here you attach cotton balls to a string.