Prosperity Consciousness Vs Poverty Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness is a state of BEing in which our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings reflect an attitude of joyful gratitude for all that we have been blessed with, and fearless trust that all our future needs and desires will be given us, simply because we exist.

We are absolutely LOVED, LOVING, and LOVABLE, just because we EXIST!

The UNIVERSE is LIMITLESS and supplies our every need and desire.
We will not miss out when another gains, because there is enough of EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY!

We create our future with the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings we choose in the present. We are 100% responsible for everything we experience.

Every body on this planet is a part of “One Self”. When you give, you give to Self, and when you receive, you receive from Self.
Giving and Receiving are the same.

Every body in our life simply mirrors this “One Self” back to us.
If we judge another, we judge “Self”. If we allow another, we allow “Self”. If we love another, we love “Self”.

Mastering one’s prosperity consciousness, as opposed to poverty consciousness, is an extremely important lesson of the spiritual path. It also has a good deal of bearing on one’s physical health.

When one is stressed out over money this creates a good deal of strain on the physical vehicle. So let’s examine this issue from the soul’s perspective.

The first key to developing prosperity consciousness, rather than poverty consciousness, and making lots of money, is to become right with self and right with GOD/Universe. By doing this you develop the “Midas Touch.” This, of course, means that everything you do turns to “gold.”

The second key is letting go of the belief that money and material success is bad. Money, in truth, is a wonderful thing. The more money you have the more you can spend in service of your brothers and sisters, family and self, who are all aspects of GOD/Universe. The wealthier you are the more you can help manifest the Divine Plan into third dimensional reality.

The third key is to let go of the belief that to Realize GOD/Universe you have to give up all your possessions and be in poverty. This, of course, is a misinterpretation of the Bible and, in truth, just the opposite is true. To Realize GOD/Universe fully on all levels and to become a full-fledged Ascended Master you must master all lessons, including this lesson of prosperity consciousness versus poverty consciousness

The fourth key is getting rid of all negative ego thinking and replacing it with Christ thinking. When this is achieved you live in unconditional love and perfect harmony with all your relationships and this creates incredibly good karma.

The fifth key in achieving prosperity consciousness and material success is being creative. By this I mean not waiting for GOD/Universe or the inner plane Ascended Masters to conk you over the head and tell you what to do. GOD/Universe helps those who help themselves. Pray to GOD/Universe and the Masters for guidance as to how to serve and make lots of money, but use your own creative conscious-ness and mind as well.

The sixth golden key is to put GOD/Universe and your spiritual path first and have no false GOD/Universes and ideals; this includes money. The only way to make lots of money is not to be attached to money. The Bible states, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD/Universe and all things shall be handed unto thee.” Put GOD/Universe and your spiritual path first and material success will inevitably come.

The seventh golden key is to have a flawless character and integrity, always putting the customer first.

The eighth golden key is to totally dedicate your life to service, which will ultimately cause you to have a pure heart and which will cause the universe to reward you.

The ninth golden key is to tithe 10% of your salary to some spiritually worthy cause. If you don’t tithe, you at least should give seed money to those in need and it is totally your right to expect a ten-fold return from both endeavors.

The tenth key is to fully Realize that GOD/Universe, your personal power, and the power of your subconscious is a state of mind, not anything outside of self. This key has to do with fully realizing that most people find their financial and material security in things outside of self. The truth is, however, that this is illusion and a philosophy that inevitably will cause suffering, for to fully Realize GOD/Universe one must let go of all of their attachments. It is okay to have preferences and even super strong preferences for money and material success, however, if you become attached you are actually pushing that which you want away from yourself. As Lord Buddha said in his Four Noble Truths, “All suffering comes from attachments.” The test to determine whether your security is in GOD/Universe, your personal power, and the power of your subconscious mind is to imagine how you would feel if all of your possessions were taken away. Would you still be happy and have inner peace? Would you have confidence and faith or worry, fear, doubt and insecurity? The only true security in life is a belief, knowingness, and understanding of GOD/Universe and GOD/Universe’s Laws.

Some people might say just GOD/Universe is important. However, I am adding here GOD/Universe’s Laws because to truly be able to manifest money and material possessions in total confidence and faith you must also be right with self, not just right with GOD/Universe. You also must own your personal power as well as utilize the power of your subconscious mind and physical action; GOD/Universe will not do it all for you. Understanding GOD/Universe and GOD/Universe’s Laws as they operate on a superconscious, conscious, subconscious and physical level are the keys to understanding what I call “The Laws of Manifestation.” So, if having faith in GOD/Universe includes all these levels of GOD/Universe, then saying GOD/Universe is your stocks and bonds and financial security would be equally acceptable as well. It is in the integrated understanding of these four levels that total faith and confidence in the ability to manifest money and wealth, no matter what happens in life, truly lies.

On the spiritual or superconscious level the key to manifesting monetary and material success is prayer and meditation. Most people do not pray to GOD/Universe and the inner plane Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and Elohim enough. I am including the Elohim here because they have particular expertise, being the Co-Creator GOD/Universes and GOD/Universedesses, in the laws of manifestation. These also might be called the three lines of evolution of GOD/Universe, which is a concept for another chapter.

Meditation is a key also because once you pray for GOD/Universe and the inner plane Masters’ help, it is essential to be able to not only talk with GOD/Universe and the GOD/Universe Force, but to also listen to GOD/Universe and the GOD/Universe Force. Once you pray, GOD/Universe and the GOD/Universe Force may have inner guidance as to ideas or certain steps that they recommend taking to achieve your prayer preferences. This can occur not only in meditation, but also in your daily life through your intuition. An essential part of this key is to stay attuned to GOD/Universe, the inner plane Ascended Masters, and your own Mighty I Am Presence for continual guidance.

Poverty Consciousness Prosperity Consciousness
1. Belief in Scarcity 1. Belief in Abundance
2. There is not enough for everybody 2. There is enough for everybody
3. Focus on bills/debt 3. Focus on how to bring more money in
4. Views money coming to them through 1 to 2 channels 4. Open to receive money through all channels
5. Focus on lack and what they do not have 5. Has extreme gratitude for all that they have
6. Watches the news to determine what is going to happen to them 6. Limits exposure to mass media and decide what they will create in their own life personally
7. Believe if they have abundance they will hurt the planet 7. Believe they can use their abundance to help the planet e.g. buying organic products, buying a hybrid car
8. Feel they don’t deserve abundance 8. Feel they deserve abundance
9. Don’t invest in personal growth 9. Invest in personal growth
10. Because of fears of scarcity, aren’t generous with others 10. Generous in giving to others
11. Aren’t aware of their limiting beliefs around money 11. Consistently work on releasing limiting beliefs around money
12. Are not aware of how to manage their money effectively- and don’t have a plan for their money 12. Learn about effective ways to handle their money and have a plan for their money
13. Believe that people with money are greedy and selfish and must have done something dishonest to get the money 13. Realize some people with money are generous and some are greedy- they decided that they can live an abundant life that is in alignment with their values
14. Fell guilty if they have abundance and others are struggling 14. Realize that they can be a role model for others on how to create abundance. They also know that the more abundance they have the more they can help others
15. Are not willing to learn from others who have created abundance. Stay stuck in their own patterns and don’t seek help 15. Are willing to learn from others how to create abundance. Are willing to get help if they are stuck


Where is your mindset today?
See if you can shift right now into prosperity consciousness–being grateful for what you do have and opening up to even more abundance. It will be more in alignment with your true nature—which is truly abundant with love, compassion, creativity and all of your special gifts. Wishing you incredible prosperity!