Pleiadians come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and are extra-terrestrial that most resemble humans. Pleiadians were first mentioned when contacted 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien named Samjese. Billie Meier’s contact with this Pleiadian woman resulted in a worldwide phenomenon to uncover more information about who these Pleiadians were and where they came from.

The Pleiadians are a very ancient race of humanoids. They discovered Earth many years ago (225,000 B.C) and have played a large role in our ancient evolution, but have remained silent watchers of our planet.

Certain Pleiadians are highly evolved, more so than most of the human species, The Pleiadian Realm is the next or level in our human evolution. It is for this reason that certain knowledge is being given to us by especially enlightened Pleiadian beings. There are those that want to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny. These Special Pleiadian Force reside at a very high frequency that is lighter that what we know. And thus, the term light is often applied the higher and lighters the frequency, the closer to the God source one becomes.

Eventually, all will become Pure Light at the center of creation, which is God or Spirit or whatever name you choose to call it. As we evolve, gaining wisdom and true understanding about our real essence, we begin to open up more to love, and to feel our connection with one another and the universe. In the Earth realm, love is only experienced and known at a low level compared to all that truly exists. The God/Spirit frequency is beyond anything we know. It is Pure Love – It is Pure light. As we strive and come closer to that center of creation, we will know Love completely and be totally in the Light.

Although in physical time, the Pleiadians are 541 light years away, they have learned to navigate other worlds, although not always in space ships. They understand our fear of the unknown, and so they come to help in ways that are non-threatening. They are coming now, sometimes in physical form where they can blend in, but most often through human consciousness. Their intent is not to harm but to help us evolve and develop.

The Pleiadian Message and action is not always one that you might comprehend at first. Thinking with a purely human mind, you might imagine that they will fly in on some sort of spacecraft. It is often difficult or impossible for the human mind to grasp the scope of what is not familiar. Tuning into higher wisdom does not always mean greeting an alien or a spacecraft.

Try thinking about time concepts, if you will. Suppose that the past, present and future all exist at the same time right now. That certainly is not impossibility if you consider time travel. Suspend that thought for a moment… time travel. Time travel is possible through consciousness. So often, this is how wisdom and higher information is passed to us. Without crossing the barriers of time, the human race would get stuck and stay right where it is at.

It is through the crossing of Time, that the Higher Pleiadian Forces of Light bring us information this information is what in our spiritual development. Certain Pleiadians have chosen at their work, a very noble and serious purpose. They strive to work through the layers of human consciousness to bring higher wisdom from the place they dwell at. They are not God, yet they bring wisdom, as many have brought wisdom throughout the ages from higher realms.

Their purpose is not to save your soul, but to enlighten you more to the power and beauty of who you are, and to the divine creation of which we all are a part. People or so called channels that bring in certain information are in no way divine or special. They are simply willing to tune into another place, another time and receive information. Many humans have always had the capacity to do that. There will be some that will actually take that chance and put it out there for others to partake of.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material in humans and almost at other organisms. Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA.

DNA is double helix formed by base pairs attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone.

Over 98 percent of DNA has largely unknown function

Presently, only the function of a few percent of the DNA is known, the rest has been believed to be useless garbage, commonly called “Junk DNA” by molecular biologists.

Increasing evidence is now indicating that this DNA is not “Junk” at all. Especially, it has been found to have various regulatory roles. This means that this so-called “non-coding DNA” influences the behavior of the genes, the “coding DNA”, in important ways.

However, the knowledge is still very incomplete about this DNA. And there is little knowledge about the relationship between non-coding DNA and the DNA of genes.

This clearly shows that the so called “Junk DNA” is not actually junk, it has some purpose to it. Pleiadeans have given information that our DNAs are going to be transformed gradually into 12Helix DNAs. So that we can open up more to our extra senses and understand the reality beyond what is visible.