Plants have Consciousness

Can plants somehow sense or understand our thoughts?
Is that even possible?

Would gaining a greater understanding of the underlying interconnectivity of all life expand our awareness of the “nature” of our physical world?Dr. J.C.Bose

He was one of the first researchers to conduct plant sensitivity experiments during the late 1800s.

He demonstrated the electrical nature of the conduction of various stimuli (e.g.wounds, chemical agents) in plants, which were earlier thought to be of a chemical nature.

In his research in plant stimuli, Bose showed with the help of his newly invented crescograph that plants responded to various stimuli as if they had nervous systems like that of animals.

His experiments showed that – plants grow faster in pleasant music and their growth is retarded in noise or harsh sound.

Baxter Effect – Primary Perception

In 1966, the world’s leading polygraph expert, Vlive Baxter, decided to test his lie detector machine by hooking up its sensors to a dracaena massengeane plant in his office.

Baxter tested the plants response to his simple questions and the plant answered him on his polygraph machine. It gave responses very similar to that of a human being, experiencing an emotional stimulus of short duration.

Mr.Baxter proved scientifically that plants could think and respond! A Consciousness!. This has come to be called the “Baxter Effect”.

Backster’s work is discussed in his book, pblished in 2003, titled Primary Perception

His bio communications work is most famously discussed in The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

In 1979, a documentary on the subject was released titled, The Secret Life of Plants, featuring a soundtrack composed by Stevie Wonder. Although it was controversial when released, the film inspired the revolutionary concept that plants are conscious life forms that interact not only with humans but perhaps even star systems.

Swiss Government Issues Bill of Rights for Plants

By 2007, the government of Switzerland passed a “bill of rights” for plants. Their Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology determined that plants have rights and must be treated appropriately.

Numerous experiments conducted by various plant researchers scientifically proved that

PLANTS RESPOND TO OUR THOUGHT: When Backster even thought about setting alight to a leaf of his plant he found that the pen jumped right off the top of the chart.

PLANTS CAN TUNE TO OUR EMOTIONS: When he poured boiling water down his sink, killing all of the microbe life that lived there, the plant responded, violently reacting to their deaths.

PANTS HAVE INTELLIGENCE: As a climbing plant grows up a wall it needs to find props with which to hold itself up. It will always creep towards the nearest support however; if the prop is moved then the plant will change directions to accommodate the new support.

Even if the plant is growing in a place where there are no obvious supports it will grow towards hidden supports and entirely ignore areas where there are no supports (hidden or otherwise).

One laboratory researcher created a maze like-structure with several blind alleys then planted a vine (below) at the closed end. The only way for the vine to reach light was to correctly navigate its way through the maze. The vine made its way out without making a single error.

PLANTS HAVE MEMORY: Backster collected together 6 students and had them all choose a piece of paper on one of which was written “Murderes”.

They were all told that if they had received this piece of paper they were to go into a room with two plants in it and trample on and kill one of them. They were not to tell anyone else that they had done it.

After this had been done the six students were asked to parade in front of the still living plant and see what, if any, response was given on the polygraph test.

When the five innocent students walked into the room there was little to no response from the plant, however, when the murdered came in, the plant went wild. It remembered “seeing” this student killing its fellow right in front of him.

This our exploration in this field of plant consciousness proves that:
“There is consciousness and an energy that flows throughout everything on this planet and throughout the entire multiversity. There is one invisible energy that ties us all together Man, woman, cat, dog, tree, rocks, and any other manifestations of consciousness are all interconnected.”


For many years, Oberto Airaudi, founder of damanhur, and his fellow researchers, researched bioelectric processes that are conducted by plants, trees and flowers.

They discovered that the conductivity is a core indicator of the life force of plants generating key pathways for water, minerals, and other nutirents within trees and flowers, it is this electronic process that is sensed by the unique, innovative device that Damanhurians use in their experiments on the consciousness of the plant world.

Damanhurians discovered that the electrical behavior of plants could be captured using a probe, electrodes, and a device. This combination of electronic components “translates” the signals being conducted by living plants into musical sound. The pulse streams of each organism are unique, with each Plant manifesting its own individual biological “signature sound”.

Thus,the device essentially becomes a musical instrument, which is played by the plant, through the plant’s electrical variations.

Findings of the Research

The plants “simply” realize that the sounds emitted by the device are a consequence of their electric activity and then they learn to modulate it to change the sounds.

Move expert plants, eventually, use the sounds they modulate to interact with humans and create a real form of communication. When they interact with musicians for example, they sometimes even repeat the same scales, the same tunes and the same notes!

It has also been demonstrated that trees and plants that have become experts in interacting with humans and in controlling the music device can “train” other trees, helping them to learn quickly.


A small, portable device in the shape of a green leaf called “Plantunes” has now been developed by Damanhur in collaboration with US based researchers, so that it can be sold at a very reasonable price, making this experience available to everybody.

Plantunes will create a connection for millions of people who desire to interact at a deeper level with nature.

This product will serve as a catalyst to bring forth ecological awareness and, for those in the holistic field; the device will serve as a facilitator to help reach a meditative state of consciousness.


Have you ever noticed that when you go into the forest or a peaceful park, how you feel relaxed, calm, refreshed and renewed?

That is the gift of the Tree Spirits who are surrounding you; and they emanate vibrations of peace and serenity, sharing with us their highly evolved consciousness, out of love.

Appreciate Trees

Be mindful of all that trees do for humanity and the world They give oxygen, shade, prevent soil erosion, create homes for birds and other animals, create shutters for us, cool the air in the summer, create paper and other wood based materials and most importantly – provide a beauty that is one of the main features of this green and blue planet.

The first step to establishing good communications with trees is to nourish a sincere love and rspect for them. Visit nature often. A tranquil forest is the best, but unfortunately, this is not always possible. So in instances such as this, a local park or your back yard will suffice.

With amongst the trees often… Stand or sit in reverence and contemplation, with you back touching the base of the trees trunk, in contemplation of your favorite tree.

Be A Tree Hugger!

Trees are unique beings, their roots reach deep into the Earth to draw upon its energy. Therefore, trees know of the Deep Mysteries of the Earth. But they also know the Mysteries and the powers of the heavens- of Sun, Moon and Star-lit sky, for their leaves reach ever upwards drawing upon the energy from above It could be safely said that Tree Beings reach further in both directions than any other beings on Earth!

When you hug a tree with an open heart, you will become aware of the flow of energy between Heaven and Earth. That is the Energy of the Universe, coursing through the tree. As you feel this flow, you can better understand the power of the world and the forces of the universe.

Tree hugging will also helps to balance our own energy. For example, let’s say that you are what some might call a “spacey” person, or that you “aren’t very well grounded”.. Well tree hugging can get you grounded and in touch with the firm and stabilizing energies of Mama Earth. On the other hand, If you are considered too mundane, too practical, and would like to be more intuitive, psychic, and free flowing – tree hugging can grant you celestial, spiritual energy.


Always remember that theirs in not a world of logic as we understand it, although they do posses intelligence and wisdom – it is different from, and in many ways, beyond our own.

Please bear in mind though, that when communing with tree Spirits, one must not do so in a mechanical, hollow, unfeeling manner – for this will not work very well at all. One must sincerely put their heart and soul into the prayer for it to be truly heard – this is the language the trees understand.

So how are we to communicate with trees you might ask? Through LOVE (The Universal language). With creativity, with passion, humor and playfulness – all the range of positive human emotion.

Open your heart and listen to what the tree has to say to you..

  • Now some folks say that they “hear” the voice of the tree speaking to them inside their minds.
  • Others say that they hear them in their heart.
  • Then there are those who can see with the inner eye what the trees are trying to convey to them.
  • And then there are those who cannot put into words how the exchange takes place.

Findhorn Community

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, eco village and an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future.

The conditions in Findhorn were so difficult, that almost nothing grows there normally except. Heather, heath and Thistle. The soil was nothing more than sand and grave!. The climate was extremely bitter for growing plants.

Peter Caddy and coworker Dorothy MacLean, who established the first garden on the site claimed to have established contact with a spirit of the plant kingdom, called a deva, said to hold the archetypal pattern for each individual plant species.

The devas provided specific information about ever aspect of the garden; how far aprt to plant seeds, how ofter to water, and how to remedy problems.

Within a year Findhorn had been transformed with the gardens overflowing with life. Plants and flowers that sometimes grew twice their normal size. Cabbages were over ten times their usual weight, in the late 1960’s and early 1970s, Findhorn yielded eighteen-kilogram (40lb) cabbages Broccali grew so large the plants were too heavy to lift from the ground.

As word of the garden spread, it became a model community for proponents of the New Age movement. By the early 1970s, more than three hundred people lived, workded, and studied in Findhorn.

The Findhorn experiment has come to be viewed as a demonstration of the power and potential of human beings and the natural world living and working together in harmony.


Basics of spiritual agriculture and holistic farming

  • Reading the consciousness of plant kingdom and working with Nature and not against her.
  • Treating plants as living and feeling entities.
  • Since the thoughts and actions made by humans effect the Plant Spirit realm almost immediately, the manifestation of good energy from the body and mind is always cultivated.
  • Welcoming energies of the Earth and Cosmos as necessary elements for the fertity of the plants and humans in between the two.
  • Meditation and other spiritual techniques are always practiced to communicate and understand the life of plants.
  • Friendliness and love with all life forms is established.

Also spiritual agriculture and holistic farming incorporates all useful techniques and cultural systems borrowed from

  • Permaculture
  • Organic agriculture
  • Sustainable forestry
  • Horticulture
  • Agraforestry
  • The land management systems of indigenous peoples etc…

Through Spiritual agriculture and holistic farming

  • Sustainable land use design is achieved
  • Work is minimized
  • “wastes” become resources and productivity and yields increase
  • Environments are restored
  • Peoplecare: Supporting and helping each other live in ways that harm neither ourselves nor the planet and develop healthy societies.
  • Earthcare: Recognizing Earth as the source of all life and recognizing that mankind is part of Earth, not apart from it.
  • Polyculture: Poly culture is agriculture using multiple crops in the same space, in imitation of the diversity of natural ecosystems, and avoiding large stands of single crops, or monoculture. It includes crop rotation, multi-cropping, and inter-cropping.
  • The animals are pets and can be treated as co-habitators and co-workers of the site, eating foods normally unpalatable to people such as slugs and termites, being an integral part of the pest management by eating some pest, supplying fertilizer through their droppings and controlling some weed species.