Parsva Konaasana

Sthiti: Taadaasana

  • Move the right leg to about one and half meter away from the left foot.
  • Turn the right foot towards right side of the body so that toes are pointing away from the body.
  • Exhaling, bend the right knee and bring the trunk to rest on the right thigh, place the right hand on the ground beside the right foot.
  • Inhaling, stretch the left arm over thehead, biceps touching the left ear and look at the tips of the fingers of left hand.
  • Maintain the posture for a minute with normal breathing.
  • Return to sthiti.
  • Repeat the same to the left side.


In the final position, there should be a right angle between the thigh and the leg and the other side should not bend. Both the soles should be fully in contact with the ground.


  • Expands the thorax,
  • Strengthens the thighs,
  • Prevents back pain, and
  • Stimulates the inters peristalsis


People with Cardiac problems may avoid this posture in the beginning days.