Distinguishing Qualities and Characteristics of the Near Death Experiences

    • A sense of being dead.
    • Feeling of calmness – A sense of peace and painlessness. These heelings may include peacefulness, acceptance of death, emotional and physical comfort.
    • Hearing strange sounds
    • Intense, pure bright light – sometimes this intense (but not painful) light fills the room. In other cause, the subject sees a light that they feel represents either heaven or God.
    • Out-of-body experiences (OBE) – A sense of separation from the physical body. The subject feels that he has left his body. He can look down and see it, often describing the sight of doctors working on him. In some cases, the subject’s “spirit” then files out of the room, into the sky and sometimes into space.
    • The tunnel – The sense of passing through a tunnel. Many NDE subjects find themselves in a tnnel with a light at its end. They may encounter spirit beings as they pass through the tunnel.
    • Spirit beings – A sense of an encounter with recognitable etheral entities, such as famiily, friends, angels or religious personages. These spirits may apear to be enveloped in light. Durig the OBE, the subject encounters.”being of light.” Or other representation of spiritual entities. He may perceive these as deceased loved ones, angels, saints or God.
    • Entering into another realm or dimension – A sense of rising rapidly into the heavens. Depending on the subject’s religious beliefs and the nature of the experience, he may perceive this realm as heaven or, in rare cases, as Hell.
    • Communication with spirits – A sense of an encounter with a being of light which emanates unconditional love. This being has been described as God or Allah or Source. Before the NDE ends, many subjects report some form of communication with a spirit being. This is often expressed a “strong male voice” telling them that it is not their time and to go back to their body. Some subjects report being told to choose between going into the light or returning to their earthly body. Others feel they have been compelled to return to their body by a voiceless command, possible coming from God.
    • Life review – An experience of a panoramic, total life review and sense of self-judgment about one’s life while bathed in the unconditional love of the being of light. This trait is also called “the panoramic life review.” The subject seeshis entire life in a flashback. These can be very detailed or very brief. The subject may also perceive some form of judgment by nearby spirit entities.
    • A sense of reluctance to return to the world of the living.
    • A sense of a compression or absence of time and sensing that no restrictions of space but are freedom to go where the experiencer chooses.

Kenneth Ring (1980) has devised a model of stages of near-death experiences that are recognized by near-death experiences.

    • A sense of peace at the time of death.
    • A sense of separation from the body
    • A sense of entering into darkness
    • Seeing a bright light
    • A sense of etering the light

Near-Death Experiences and Out-Of-Body Experiences

We can easily identify the Typical NDE’s from OBE’s…

Near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences are sometimes grouped together, butthere are key differences. An OBE can be a component of an NDE, but some people experience OBEs in circumstances that have nothing to do with death or dying. They may still have spiritual elements or feelings of calm. OBEs can happen spontaeously, or drugs or meditation can induce them.