Meditational Experiences

Physical Experiences

  • Pain in body parts and Itching.
  • Head falling forward or backward.
  • Bodly jerks, contractions and spasms.
  • Body swaying and Body tremors.
  • Physical restlessness.
  • Body becoming heavy and Body becoming very light
  • Immobility and Physical warmth.
  • Sweating and Cold shivers.
  • Trembling and Goosebumps.
  • Sensation of falling and Yawing.
  • Involuntary sighing and Coughing.
  • Spontaneous alignment of spine upward rolling of eye balls.
  • Numbness and Mystical sounds of Om, bells, drums, etc..
  • Buzzing, droning, hissing or thunder sounds.
  • Sounds of ocean waves or water falls.
  • Seeing brilliant lights and Seeing colors.
  • Visions of deities and Lightening of the field of vision.
  • Divine fragrances and Sweet taste in mouth.
  • Feeling of breeze on skin.
  • Tingling sensations on the forehead or crown of the head.
  • Spontaneous rapid breathing.
  • Spontaneous stopping of breath.
  • Expansion of body and Levitation.
  • Losing consciousness of body from neck downwards.

Mental Experiences

  • Mental restlessness and Resistance.
  • Resetting the process and Increased thoughts.
  • Decreased thoughts and Enjoying the process.
  • No thoughts and Losing awareness of time.
  • Unconscious sleep.

Emotional Experiences

  • Feelings of Joy.
  • Tears flowing.
  • Feelings of peace.
  • Energy Experiences
  • Raised vibrations.
  • Sense of ecstasy and blissfulness.
  • Feeling of energy moving inside spine.

Astral Experiences

  • Spontaneous past life recall.
  • Seeing future events happening in the now .
  • Tunnel experience and Astral travel.
  • Communication with spirit guides and angels.
  • Sounds images of other realms.
  • Out of body experiences and Advanced psychic vision.
  • Deep Spiritual Experiences
  • Connection with the source.
  • Complete stillness /Samadhi.
  • Receiving great wisdom, inspiration and insights