Meditation and Third Eye Experience

“The Light of the body is the eye:if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthe 6:22)

Once we begin to practice mediation, we start getting different kinds of experiences. Most of these experiences can be categorized as ” Third Eye Experiences “.

“Third Eye Experiences” are the experiences of: Our inner Senses/ Our Extra Sensory Percepatin/ Our Non-Physical Senses.

How does Meditation result in “Third Eye Experiences”?

The First happening: When we are with the normal, natural, simple, easy, soft, tender, shallow, tranquil, peaceful flow of the breath; the mind becomes rather empty.

The Second Happening: When the mind is rather empty, huge amount of cosmic energy enters the physical body.

The Third happening: When sufficient amount of cosmic energy enters the physical body, the result is a reasonable amount of activation of the third-eye.

Thus meditation results in activation of our “inner senses” or the “Third-eye”. The end result of meditation is activatin of our extra sensory perception!

Physical sensation associated with Third eye Experiences:

Tingling feeling on the forehead
Sense of pressure at the centre of the forehead
Pain in the forehead region
Pulsing in the forehead region
Itching sensation in the fore head region
Pulling sensation in the fore head region

Third Eye Visions (seeing with eyes closed):

Flashes of Light
Other realms like Astral, Causal, etc.; seeing Masters

Visions (Real, Symbolic, Metaphorical, Archetype)

Psychic Abilities developed by Third Eye Activation:


Clairaudience: Clairaudience is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm.


Medium ship:

Clairsentience or Psychometry: It is the ability to hold an object or touch someone and sense the energy surrounding that person, place or thing.

Clair cognizance: It is “Just Knowing” something without seeing, hearing or feeling it.

Telepathy: Telepathy is the direct transference of thought from one person (sender) to another person (receiver) without using normal sensory channels.

Astral Projection or Astral Travel: It is an out-of-body experience achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep meditation.

Intuition: Direct perception of truth, fact, etc.. independent of any reasoning process.

The Third eye is our window to the spiritual world. It helps us to become more aware. Colors may seem brighter, smells stronger. Effectively you are more present in the world. We learn to go beyond the Body and Mind into a higher state of consciousness. We more from Body and Mind Consciousness to soul consciousness. We understand that we are not the Body. We are not the Emotions, We are not the Mind; but we are the immoral Soul.