Meditation and Daily Life

Meditation is the path to connect to your essence (soul) and this is the path of introversion.

Introversion helps you to find your seed

What is seed?

Seed is centripetal energy which is moving inward which is covered and closed from outer world completely

In fact seed is the loneliest and most isolated thing in the world. It is an absolute island.

It has no roots in the soil, no branches in the sky and it has no relationships.

For the seed to sprout it needs an ideal soil.

Then it grows into a tree which flowers and fruits.

Similarly a mediator connects to the see or essence in him and slows it to sprout through a healthy body and mind.

Just as seed needs a fertile soil so does a soul need a healthy body and mind?

The sprouting of the soul into body (that is the roots and trunk) and mind (which is the fragrance as felt and expressed by your thoughts) indicates a perfect alignment of body and soul.

This is what a true mediator achieves.

Only then one can live their lives to their complete potential which will reflect in their day to day lives

What is daily life?

  • Activities of daily life include:
  • Activities of body
  • Activities of mind
  • Activities of soul

Which means the participation of your being, which comprises of body, mind and soul and knowing that these are three equal parts of your existence.

40 point formula for your daily life..

  • Getting ready for the day
  • Simple living
  • De-atomization
  • Living with awareness
  • Identifying patterns
  • Being in the now
  • To be centered
  • Unconditional acceptance of self shadow self and others
  • Accepting polarity and choosing the middle path
  • Eating healthy and balanced diet
  • Stop being an escapist be a karma yogi
  • Act the role you have chosen for the life – “GIVE IMPECCABLE PERFORMANCE”
  • Doing things effortlessly
  • No excuses please
  • Stop complaining – “Blame game”
  • Refrain from winning others approval and appreciation – “a false sense of self importance”
  • Approach life as a banquet – “there is no need to yam, grab or envy. You will get your rightful portion when it is time”
  • Do not let your emotions to ignite and react to the situations
  • All events happen for your good – “look for the good in it”
  • Develop the ability to forgive
  • Expression of gratitude is very important in one’s life.
  • Learn to be a humble soul and it is OK to surrender.
  • Stop judgments and understand oneness
  • Freedom as the goal of life
  • Wear the lens of perception
  • Feel special
  • Trust your power and intuition
  • Operate from your heart rather than your mind.
  • Strengthen your will and determination
  • Connect to your creative self
  • Living in harmony with nature
  • Connect to five elements – “Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space”
  • Opening up to get solutions in dreams
  • Feeling joy, happiness and peace in every moment of yor life.
  • Allowing the flow of love and compassion
  • Swadhyaya and satsang
  • Follow your inner voice
  • Practice silence and laughter
  • Living in detachment with attachment
  • Moving from the known to unknown