Sthiti: Vajraasana

  1. First four steps are same as in Hamsaasana
  2. Move forward on the toes to raise the legs off the ground. Balance the body on the two hands only. Keep the entire body parallel to the ground by keeping the elbows as the supporting points. Look forward. Maintain the final position for some time with normal breathing.
  3. Return to Vajraasana and then to leg stretch position in the same way as in Hamsaasana and relax.


  1. In the final position, you can even elevate the legs and feet higher keeping the knees straight.
  2. In the final position, the muscles of the abdomen and not of the chest support the weight of the body.


  • Beneficial for poor Appetite, Constipation, Irritable bowel.
  • Tones up Abdomen, reduces fat on Tummy.
  • Strengthens the Forearms, Wrists and Elbows,
  • Prevents accumulations of gases.
  • Vitalizes the endocrines in the abdomen.
  • Very good for diabetes.


  • Same as Hamsaasana
  • Those with abdominal surgery, menstrual problems in women, hernia, hyper acidity and ulcers should avoid this posture.