Karma Science and Reincarnation

What is Karma?

  • Definition
  • Thought ….Word…Deed….Karmic Imprints… Karmic Results

Myths and Misconceptions about karma:

  • Four schools of thoughts about law of karma: Free will versus Karma
  • “All is free will, karma is an illusion”
  • “All is karma, free will is an illusion”
  • “Free will is stronger than karma”
  • “Karma is stronger than free will”

Karma is cause and Effect….

  • Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Karma is scientific law…. Undeniable and irrefutable

  • Karma is – what you give out, comes back…
  • You help yourself by extending help to others and you harm yourself by harming others.

KARMA SCIENCE…is… impresonal…logical…predictable

  • Karma is impartial
  • Karma is eternal justice/Karma is Fair

Karma is not punishment.. Karma is lesson to be learned

Karma science liberates you from victimhood…

Karma is rule of the game in the physical plane (Karmic Gravity)

There is no cause and effect in the absolute reality and law of karma is only applicable in the relative plane of physcal reality.

Karma is just a feed back system

Four types of Karma

  • Sanchita
  • Prarabdha
  • Agami

Karma teaches self responsibility

Karma science teaches you about compassion and kindness

How to surf through the karmic forces and accelerate the evolution?

Karma teaches about ONENESS

Karma makes you realize that you are the best friend to yourself and you are the worst enemy to yourself

Karma is also law of attraction if you look into it deeply

Jnangni Dagda Karmanam

  • Burning the Karmic seeds with the self knowledge
  • Ignorance or lack of self-knowledge binds the person to the past karmic forces.
  • Enlightenment or self realisation ends the karmic forces.. Then there is only free will..

Karma to no-karma

Freedom from past baggage and nishkama karma