Awaken the Inner Guru

Who is a guru?

Myths about guru concept

  • Guru is the savior
  • Guru gives enlightenment
  • Guru takes all the responsibilities for you
  • Guru removes your karma
  • Learning from another guru is blasphemy
  • Guru’s blessings will dispel the ignorance
  • You need to take guru’s approval for everything
  • Without external guru you cannot progress
  • Guru need to be very old having white beard and wearing saffron robes
  • Guru will be residing in Himalayan caves, forests etc..

Three categories of guru

  • Lowest guru
  • Medium guru
  • Highest guru

Qualities of a Guru

  • A Guru is the one who has realized the self
  • One who is one with the wisdom of entire existence
  • One who spreads his wisdom to others
  • One who does not make followers
  • One who identifies the potential of his students
  • One who creates awareness that the inner guru is in every being
  • One who works towards making gurus

Each guru is a unique fragrance

Guru is an eternal student

Guru is a friend and a guide rather than sitting on a high pedestal

Role of a Guru

Discipleship to master hood

New age masters vs. old masters

Guru is a simple ordinary being with an extraordinary wisdom.. Guru is a living wisdom

Guru is in constant search of students to impart the wisdom

Guru recognizes the seed potential of students

True master hood – sat guru

Guru making many gurus – master making many masters

Awaken the inner guru

Be a Master… You are a master…