Healing the Body

Life came into existence from the limitless light of consciousness

Human body evolved from a single cell organism

Human body is a hologram of living light

A healthy human being is always in alignment with his true identity

A conditioned mind is responsible for discomfort, disorder and ill health in body which otherwise is a unique essence of the divine.

If your body is showing signs and symptoms of ill health know that it is communicating something to you.

Your body speaks your mind

We need to know our body first to understand what is going wrong with it.

By observing the function and nature of different systems in the body we gain tremendous insight into the body mind relationship

Basically there are three types of tissues in our body

Hard tissues as in bones and teeth, which are affected by our core beliefs

Soft tissues as in flesh, fat, skin, organs, ligaments and nerves, which are affected by psychological attitudes and thinking patterns.

Fluid tissues as in blood, lymph, water and urine, which are affected by our emotions and feelings.

So our body is conversion in the language of “sensations” and we need to learn the language.

Our emotions are the true indicators as to what our body is speaking