Hands Stretch Breathing


Sthiti: Taadaasana

  1. Stand erect with feet together (heels together and toes 4 to 6 inches apart) relaxed by the side of the body.
  2. Gently bring your hands in front of the chest.
  3. Interlock the fingers and place the palms on the chest.
  4. Collapse and relax your shoulders.
  5. Close your eyes.

Stage 1: (Horizontal)

  1. While inhaling, stretch the arms straight out in front of your body so that the arms are at shoulder level.
  2. At the same time twist the hands so that the palms face outwards.
  3. Fully stretch the arms, but do not strain.
  4. While exhaling reverse the process and bring the palms back on to the chest.
  5. Collapse the shoulders again.
  6. This is one round. Repeat 5 times.

Stage 2: (at 153)

  1. Repeat the same movements now stretching the arms above the forehead at an angle of 135 degrees.
  2. Repeat 5 times.

Stage 3: (Vertical)

  1. Again repeat the same movements, this time stretching the arms vertically above the head.
  2. While moving up and down the palms close to the nose tip.
  3. Repeat 5 times.


  • Collapse the shoulders at the beginning and end of each cycle.
  • Maintain perfect awareness of the breathing.
  • Exhalation should be longer than inhalation.
  • If required, it can be practiced sitting on a chair too. Synchronize the breathing with hand movements.