In our lives we would have noticed that the methodologies that yield success in one area of life might be futile while dealing with other facet of life. Self-realization path or mastering the self is no exception. It must be dealt with entirely different methodologies which were not taught to us by our families, society, education and religion. In his famous books, Carlos Castaneda narrated the coherent system of knowledge and methods devised cogently by a Yaqui Indian Master Don Juan Matus in which inquiry was an experience leading to exultation and to become man of knowledge. The individual who has followed truthfully the hardships of learning by traversing the whole path with heart despite of the outcome would be regarded as man of knowledge.

The qualities that can be helpful in order to serve as a life coach from the context of Don Juan’s teachings.

    • Devoting to learning of knowledge while trying to operate in the design of life-path.
    • Operating in the context of personality transformation (trying to understand one’s own self from the situations that have happened and happening in the life as broader understanding of self can bestow the quality of empathizing other’s pain and eventually compassion)
    • Awareness of intent (one’s own specific purpose behind actions)
    • Awareness of expected flux (The essential quality in order to become an effective counselor, Being capable of detecting the impact of one’s own command at any given point of time and capacity to assess the appropriate action that needs to be carried out)
    • Achieving efficacy (capable of performing a proper act within the rigorous boundaries of knowledge being taught especially while going through the hardships of the life where we lack freedom to innovate)
    • Meeting the challenge (renewing our quest and carrying not the much needed research in order to improvise our service all the time).
    • Following the path with heart by paying deferential regards to he knowledge and teacher all the time (this quality is vital while facing the deepest fears and blocks of the personality).

The four Natural Enemies on the path of Self-realization

    • Fear (Learning is always an unpleasant experience for the personality as it can evoke deeply bried trauma and also shakes our beliefs, masks, attachments, perceptions and cognition which were deeply rooted in a way the world is descried to us)
    • Clarity (As we progress further, the personality obtains the clarity to satisfy its desires and feels nothing is concealed and unrealistic. The clarity gives assurance to the personality that it can do anything it pleases, for it sees clearly into everything and eventually it fumbles with learning until it winds up incapable of learning anything more). )
    • Power (The personality feels enormously empowered and tries to identify with it y refusing to access much deeper layers. It is very important to keep one’s self in check all times by handling the leaned knowledge carefully and faithfully) )
    • Old Age (The empowering tools which served personality once to defeat the aove three enemies become stumbling blocks to progress further on the path of self realization. In the words of Don Juan the enemy is the cruelest of all, the one personality won’t be able to defeat completely but only fight away. The famous example is Buddha attained enlightenment by letting go of his urge to become enlightened) )

Take of warrior – Knower – Seer (Levels of consciousness)

    • A warrior strives to understand the personality through the knowledge being taught until gaining the capability to detach personality from everything. This is the process of strengthening “will” to maintain balance while journeying in to unknown realms and to utilize the acquired power to access much deeper layers of personality.
    • As warrior progresses through acquiring will, he/she develops seeing abilities to access non-ordinary states of reality. Through seeing, the warrior eventually knows the purpose behind each situation existed in the past and unravels the mysteries of personality, soul, life and death. .
    • This is not an order we progress layer after layer, in the strictest sense becoming a warrior, knower and seer is an unceasing process which depends on the cultivation of impeccability, forbearance and unbending intent from the depths of psyche. .

Stopping the integral dialogue (Erasing, Personal history through loosing self importance, reducing self-pity, assuring self-responsibility, using death an adviser and cultivating control over dreaming)

    • Seeking importance from others, attachment with fame and admiration are the deepest needs of personality than we could ever imagine. As a warrior traversing on the path of knowledge, one has to aware of these needs to the extent that the personality abandons itself from finding the ways to fulfill those needs. The paradoxical truth is when we respect the self through our actions and follow the path with heart, we lose urge to act out in a manner to seek importance from others.
    • As children, we were compelled to believe that we are responsible for the misery existing in the lives of our parents. We naively assumed responsibility for the suffering of people around us. Another paradoxical truth is assuring self responsibility to our actions is the key on the path of self-realization than being responsible for pain.
    • Death is considered as a taboos word and the deepest agony of civilized society lies in its inability to conquer death. An ordinary man lives life as if death never tap him, A warrior leads life with the awareness of death by lending its magical touch.
    • Through the gradual practice of lucid dreaming, warrior gains peculiar control over one’s dreams to the extent that experiences undergone in them are seem to be as real as living in one’s waking hours.

Dealing with petty tyrants, practice of Not-doing and Art of Stalking

    • A petty tyrant is an individual who describes the life with the traditional notions of right and wrong and insists others to abide by it. Through the practice of not-doing and not acting out, a warrior learns strategic approaches to protect the self from being taken advantage of
    • Art of Stalking is to use controlled folly or humor by not letting petty tyrant to drag conversations in to the argumentative mode.
    • Art of Stalking also means to approach every situation as an opportunity to aware of his/her personality structures and also to learn from each human being by connecting to their positive qualities.

Tonal (state of understanding/personality) – Naugal (State of witnessin/soul)

Human psyche is far more compels than what main-stream psychology believes and it appears as a battlefield when explored deeply. Human beings are sealed in a bubble with one half is called as Tonal and the other half as Naugal. Driven by the need to aware of itself and with the help of messages received in dreams from spiritual realms, the Naugal executes situations which drive tonal to understand about life, own self, fellow human beings and world. In step by step manner, we gradually arrive at experiencing the totality of self when Naugal finds its full expression by absorbing tonal. One should get to the Naugal without rejecting the tonal, and above all without injuring the body. Warrior speeds-up this process through the practice of meditation, erasing personal history, art of stalking, honoring the body, respecting the one’s self through actions and dreaming.