Co-creating is consciously creating life through you in partnership with the divine flow of the Cosmic Order.

A partnership with Source energy to actively and consciously participate in the creation process and the Divine Plan.

Some Principles Related to Co-creation
Co-creating our reality is an individual experience and work as well as an experience and work for collective consciousness. Cosmic and Divine Order is holistic. Although cosmic and divine order itself has systems, these systems work together as a whole.

When one chooses to become a “Co-creator” he or she acts as a “Willing Vessel” in the creation and manifestation process.

Co-creation is the fashioning of a new reality for ourselves that arises from flowing with the energy of the Universe rather than trying to control it.

Co-creating with the Universe, involves skills that allow you to energetically flow with whatever is showing up in your life, rather than trying to control what is going on. This is not the same as ‘just letting things happen to you.’ Instead, it is using skill-sets that allow you to create win-win situations, no matter what else is going on.

Co-creating with Others is different from co-operation, in which the goal or vision brings people together. In a cooperative group, individuals come together to work on a common goal. The goal, then, is the glue that holds the individuals together. When the goal is accomplished, the group may or may not disband.

Co-creation with Others is the conscious act of 2 or more people coming together because they like being together, they want to be in each other’s company and they know, consciously, that the act of coming together will create goals and visions (co-creation).

You are unconsciously searching for co-creation when you decide to marry and start a family. You may be unconsciously seeking co-creation each time you get together with friends, change jobs or move to a new community . This is what you “seek” at a gut level when you feel compelled to gather and share your stories.

Co-creating in the Presence with Spiritual Enlightenment and Divine Productivity Catapults You into Your Life Purpose:

In every moment there is a gift. Each gift expands our opportunity to utilize our infinite potential for ever-increasing good, creating more life, and manifesting our heart’s desires. For this reason we say the present is a gift because we know that to be in the present moment is to be in the Presence of God, the ALL in All.

When we become more aware in the present moment, we increase and raise our consciousness about our infinite potential. This powerful awareness causes our minds and hearts to open to spiritual enlightenment and spiritual liberation.

As a result, we experience divine productivity. Divine productivity is the ability to create more and manifest more in what seems to be a shorter amount of time. It is a mystical experience when you can see yourself do more and accomplish more in what seems to be a shorter span of time. Most importantly you can feel your soul being catapulted into your life purpose.

And those of us on the path of enlightenment know that to be catapulted into your life’s purpose draws the enjoyable energies joy, excitement, and inspiration to life. These enjoyable energies are the result of well-being, happiness, and peace which attracts wealth, success, and prosperity in our lives. This attraction become inevitable because it is governed by all principle associated with the law of attraction.

How is this possible? How is it possible that being present moment aware with spiritual enlightenment can lead to divine productivity? Well, the explore this wonder and gift, lets take a deeper look at what we experience when we are just going through the motions in life.

Have you ever been so involved in the day to day grind and completely lost touch with daily meditation, prayer, visualization, journaling, and doing what we call at Blue Lotus Living Your Spiritual Work? Did it seem as if the days were flying by and you never had time to complete anything? This is what happens when you are going through the motions in life. The hours slip away, the days pass by so swiftly, and it seems as if you are only living for that long nap you take on the weekends or your next day off from work.

Co-creating in the presence or in the present moment with the sharpened awareness developed through spiritual enlightenment is much different. Co-creating in the presence allows you to experience divine productivity. When you experience divine productivity, you are experiencing “all things working together for your good.” You are experiencing those wonderful synchronicities because you are purpose-centered. As you co-create in the presence, you are in tune with your inner-being the very essence of your soul and operating in your life purpose.

This is a completely different realm of being. In this state of being, you are living your infinite potential and you are tapping into infinite possibilities where you draw to you by way of the law of attraction the best results ever. Manifestation happens much faster with divine productivity. Dreams actualize much more accurately with divine productivity. Your life purpose becomes clearer and your vision becomes certain with divine productivity. And most importantly, you take the struggle out of living, manifesting, and actualizing who you really are in your reality with divine productivity.

So, now, with this knowledge and wisdom, you can see that the present is a gift. You can see that remaining present moment aware is the key to co-creating the life you really want to live with our abundant and loving universe. God, the Source of All Creation, the ALL in All, has not restrained one good thing from you. Your true desires can manifest in your reality if you remain in the Presence. Your gift is here and now.