Claircognizance is the ability to know something without knowing why or how you knew it. It’s like something randomly appears in your head, and you don’t quite understand how it got there.

It takes faith to use Claircognizance however it is one of the greatest gifts of intuition. Allow yourself to be powerful. Initiate your skill of Claircognizance.

…….Have faith in what you see…….

For claircognizants, their higher self or spirit guides put information (in the form of thought) into their mind. This can be a whole load of information that is ‘downloaded’ into the mind. It can be smaller insights about people and situations here and there. It can be an inspired idea. All claircognizance is characterized by this strong sense of knowing that goes beyond logic and by the fact that the intuitive information comes into the mind, not into the heart or the mind’s eye.

Who is Claircognizant?

Claircognizants tend to be very mentally-oriented people. They are often analytical and are good at understanding abstract concepts and solving problems.

As children, they seem to know too much and have an answer for everything. They were probably labeled know-it-alls growing up.

Claircognizance is very common but not as well known as clairvoyance or clairaudience. Few people have heard of claircognizance. Most people think of visions and clairvoyance when they hear the word psychic. Many expect their intuition to be a voice from heaven or an amazing premonition. Some Psychics can see dead people and hear voices, but many gifted psychics receive information through less ‘dramatic’ channels like claircognizance. However, if you’re expecting visions and fireworks and voices, you may miss your claircognizance.

Claircognizance is no less powerful for being subtle. Anyone who had channelled information in written form (this is called Automatic writing) is utilizing their claircognizance.

Some Examples of Claircognizance:

You have a sense of inner knowing that it would not be a good idea to accept the job you’ve just been offered, despite the fact that it seems perfect.

You have a certainty that someone is lying about something, despite evidence to the contrary.

You receive information about future outcomes.

You get a truly inspired idea

If Claircognizance comes in the form of thought, how can you tell the difference between claircognizance and your own thoughts?

Here is a key difference between thoughts and claircognizant input: When you’re thinking, your conscious mind is in control. When you receive claircognizant information, your conscious mind is only observing the information that is coming in and sometimes trying to interpret it – it is not generating the information. The claircognizant information just comes from nowhere – it often has nothing to do with what you were thinking about.

Another difference – Thoughts are usually ego-based and want to protect you from failure, embarrassment or disappointment. Claircognizance transcends those fears and comes from a place of wisdom. Claircognizance may only make sense in hindsight. Your thoughts won’t require you to take a leap of faith, whereas claircognizance might.

How to develop your Claircognizance

Automatic writing is suitable for receiving claircognizant information, as it often comes through in big chunks. Open a word document or get a piece of paper and a pen and ask your Higher Self a question. Write down whatever comes into your mind in response – it doesn’t matter if it sounds like a load of nonsense at first, no-one will read it but you. Make sure the conscious mind is only a spectator in this exercise – don’t allow your mind to think about the information you’re getting.

Just setting the intention for your claircognizance to develop will start the process! Write your intention down as this will make it more powerful.

Make time for intuitive guidance. If you don’t already meditate, start a meditation practice, as just five minutes a day will help you to tune in more to your intuition. Meditation helps to quiet your mind and Divine guidance can come through a quiet mind more easily than a distracted one. Some people like to visualize a funnel being placed upon the crown chakra, to funnel the intuitive guidance from the Divine Intelligence. When you’re in a relaxed state and ready to receive intuitive guidance, if none is forthcoming, start the process by asking a question of your Higher Self and see what comes into your mind.

Often your claircognizance is already operating and waiting to be recognized as guidance. Become more aware of your thoughts. In particular be very aware of what thoughts you are having when you meet someone new or when you’re being told about a situation that you know little about. See what you glean about that person/situation between the lines and if you can, get it validated.