Clairaudience is a psychic power that may develop along with one or more of the other psychic gifts. Often we ignore it until one of the other gifts becomes stronger. At the beginning psychic hearing may start during meditation. You may hear a voice speaking to you, or you may hear other sounds during meditation. This may be your guide or other angelic beings communicating with you.

These sounds have been labeled astral sounds… as they originate from the astral plane. Clairaudience often starts by hearing a voice and/or a message in your head.

You will find that as your psychic hearing develops further, you will hear messages come through, when you are not in meditation. You may begin connecting with angels, your guides or other beings from the higher realms.

Some people when they first hear noises think they are going crazy. As this may be a symptom of a medical condition … it is wise if you are at all unsure to see your medical professional.


Surround yourself in the light with your protective ritual. Sit comfortably in a chair with your notebook or recorder close by. Relax and just try to be in the moment. State your intention to your guide and ask that he/she communicate with you. If you don’t know your guides name as him/her what they would like to be called. Don’t try to “listen”, but try to relax.. If you already know your guides name, start with another simple question and then relax. After a couple of minutes bring yourself back and record anything you perceived. It may be a thought that “pops” into your head, or a sound, or whisper… record everything you experienced. Continue to do this exercise until you receive your guides name, or the answer to the question you presented.

Another exercise is to surround yourself with your protective ritual as above. Again sit and relax, stating your intention to communicate with your guide. This time focus on an image in your mind, in your mind “say” what it is once, and then listen.. Ask your guide to communicate with you about the image. You could also focus on a physical object in the room where you are. Pay attention while doing your best to relax. Make notes of anything you receive.

Often clairaudience is best developed in a group setting. You may wish to join a development circle either physically in your area, or via the Internet in group chats etc.