What Is Channeling?

By Mary Katherine Frizzell, MS, LPC; Light Bearer

Channeling is the ability to sense and communicate with one’s inner world, and the invisible realms, without needing input from the outer world. The ability to channel increases one’s knowledge, compassion, and knowing the right thing to do. Trusting this Inner Guidance is a valuable tool for navigating life. Knowing how to go within and receive guidance about one’s truth of a matter and the Highest Plan is critical to achieving peace.

Information may come in many forms and the ability to perceive these messages is the ability to channel. Wisdom may present itself in various ways, including inner sight through the Third Eye Center, seeing auras and other forms of energy with the eyes open, the experience of hearing words in one’s mind, physical sensations, emotional feeling states, smells, and tastes, etc. We are all allotted the same abilities and the sensory skills can develop from their dormant state and expand over time. One may start with a single means of accessing information or a few; the quantity is not as important as the ability to access the specific senses with confidence.

The gift of channeling is one that all may enjoy as it is a God-given ability and one of great importance in the process of spiritual ascension. Many believe that channeling is for the chosen few who are gifted in this way. The ability to channel is in truth part of the innate essence of being a human. “Hu” means God. Therefore, human is God-as-man. God is all encompassing and all knowing; humans are this way, too. The art of channeling is indeed a Divine Right bestowed to all at birth. Accessing this skill allows for a more conscious experience on Earth.

Being able to channel is truly empowering as, once this skill is developed, there is no longer a need to go to others for information about one’s life experiences. Self-reliance is an important tool, especially when considering that the accuracy of another channel is never entirely certain. We develop a sense of trust in knowing that we can find our own way in life when we can hear our own guidance. Belief in yourself and your abilities is important. The Light within will help you find your way. The trajectory of your life will change once you embark on the path of self-awareness through inner knowing. Opportunities that you never considered will appear on your horizon as potentialities. The trust and confidence that you build within yourself will allow you to pursue living the life you are intended to live. Being the Truth as you experience it is liberating. Being able to experience all that exists within the various realms is indeed living a fuller, beloved life.

Learning to channel is a process that involves practice and willingness to go outside of the usual comfort range in experiencing the senses. The process of unfolding that occurs as one expands the senses can be uplifting and fun. Marvel at your gifts as you discover them. Disbelief soon becomes belief as doubt evaporates and clarity becomes the ever-pleasing experience of being in oneness with the inner and outer worlds. Keeping the process lighthearted will allow you to develop your skills more quickly. Have fun with it! Allow your curiosity to emerge and playfully approach your learning. Tolerance for allowing new and unusual experiences supports the process.

How we channel is as important as what we channel. The connection to the Higher Self allows for a sense of trust and security in knowing that we are being guided through a frequency of love. It is an important practice to always call in the presence of one’s own Higher Self/Soul before channeling. Channeling is about being rather than doing. Being receptive, open, and in-tune with one’s self are key. Relinquishing the need for control and allowing the flow of energy and information to move through you are paramount to successful channeling. Being at peace, detached from outer worries and stress, is important. Do some relaxation exercises and meditation to soothe your systems prior to channeling. Eventually, you will be able to channel with less preparation. However, being calm and centered will always be important in maintaining clear access to guidance. Surrender to being your Divine Self and enjoy!

Practice Exercises for the Pursuit of Mastery of the Senses:

A. Practice Using a Specific Sense Ability:

    1. Develop a list of the senses you would like to access in an intuitive way: Clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; clairsavorance; clairscentrism, etc. The list can be long or short, it is your choice.
    1. Choose one of these senses to practice, e.g. if clairvoyance is desired, focus your attention on your third eye center if sensing from within or attempt to see the aura or energy of an object with your eyes open.
    1. Call in your Higher Self/Soul to Guide you.
    1. Call to mind or physically connect with a person, object with consciousness (such as a crystal), animal, plant, etc., that you wish to focus on while using your chosen means of channeling.
    1. Focus on the chosen object of attention. Set the intention to connect with the object and communicate with the consciousness of the item. Open your Heart and your awareness and be willing to receive. Be curious. Be nonjudgmental. Be patient. Be alert but relaxed with no expectations. Even if you are focusing on a particular skill, information may come through in any form, including a feeling, a vision, hearing or seeing words, a knowing, a smell, or a sound. Pay attention.
  1. Hold your focus until you have received some form of communication. If you feel you have not received, detach, and practice again at another time. Practice makes perfect.

B. Daily Activities to Build Inner Awareness and Knowing:

    1. Ask your Higher Self/Soul/God Self what color clothing to wear before getting dressed in the morning. Listen for the Guidance (it could come in any form). Follow your intuition even if you feel you did not access any direct Guidance. Take notice throughout the day. Is anyone else wearing the same color? Does anyone tell you that it is their favorite color? Do you get any other kind of information or feedback that confirms that you made the right choice and heard correctly? How did you feel wearing the color?
    1. Ask your Higher Self/Soul/God Self what food to eat each day. Notice the effect the food has on your well being.
    1. When the phone rings, attempt to intuit who it is before looking at the phone or answering it.
  1. You can be as creative as you want with your practice exercises.

C. Continued Learning:

  1. There are books, tapes, and courses available for learning how to channel.
  2. Trust your Guidance in finding the right method for you.