We are souls dwelling in physical bodies for this earthly experience and we incarnate many times on earth, evolving with each lifetime till eventually become one with the creator. Throughout our lifetimes we have one very intimate companion-our breath/From the first breath after birth to the last breath before we make transition into the life-between-life state, our breath remains one of the powerful connecting links between body, mind, emotions and inner-self.


Breath is our primal function

Breath is our connection to life-force-it is the bridge between visible and the invisible physical, the infinite and finite, transitory and the eternal.

Breathing is the basic source of health, it nourishes our body and helps eliminate unwanted toxins, thoughts and undesired emotions.

Breath helps you to connect to who we really are, as it helps you to turn to your spiritual self.

Breath is language that tells us how we are and what we can become.

Breath is a hologram, it carries all the subtle impressions and energy signatures of past and our breathing patterns are like finger prints and they are unique to each of us and unique in each moment.


In breath brings oxygen into the lungs and into close contact with the blood, which absorbs it and carries it to all parts of the body.

Our breath carries carbon-dioxide, the waste product, given out by blood into the lungs.


There are three breathing spaces in our body. Depending on which space we are breathing into, we have three types of breathing.

    • DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING: Here we breathe into lower space which is from public space to belly bottom and diaphragm subtle with inhalation and abdomen swells, Rhythmic lowering of diaphragm massages all internal organs and is the least faulty method of breathing. Most men breathe in this way.
    • INTERCOASTAL BREATHING: Here inhalation is into the middle space which is between belly bottom and nipple line. We breathe into the middle section of lungs, allowing less air into the abdominal region and this breathing needs more effort.
    • CLAVICULAR BREATHING: Here inhalation is into upper space which is from nipple line to collar bone and inhalation is by raising collar-bone and shoulder. Least satisfactory method of breathing and often is a characteristic of women.


Average person breathes around 20,000 times a day.

Every minute we breathe 12 to 14 times when awake and 6 to 8 times while sleeping, but rate of breathing changes drastically in relation to what we do, feel or think.

During a 24 hour period roughly 100 square meters of long surface is exposed to 8000 liters of air and 17.5 liters of blood passes through our lungs.

When it come to expelling body wastes, 3% is expelled though defecation, 7% through urination, 20% through skin as sweat and rest of 70% through breath!!!


There are two aspects of breathing. The physical aspects, which is the quantity and equality of breath and the other aspect is the subtle, unrecognized aspect which relates to energy.

So by the flow of breath we receive not only air/oxygen but also energy which permeates universe, called the “Prana” or “Chi” or “Ki” or “Cosmic Energy”.

The cosmic energy cleanses and energizes physical body and subtle bodies.
All energy centers or chakras and etheric tubes called ida, Pingala and Sushumma are also cleansed and energized by breath.


Breath becomes a link between body, mind, emotions and soul and we can access our subconscious mind through breath.

Our breathing becomes agitated and erratic when we are angry and when we are upset we experience difficulty in breathing and in times of pain we often hold our breath or becomes very shallow. So our breath reflects our emotions.

Our emotions are made up of energy particles and when unexpressed. They are trapped as energy in spaces between atoms and molecules.

These frozen fears or emotional blocks cause us much physical discomfort and mental agony.

So our cells contain memories of present and past lives, Breath can unlock these cellular memories and bring them to the conscious mind.

Intuitive breathing a spiritual practice is breathing air as well as energy.

There are many different types of intuitive energy breathing and one such breathing is Rebirthing Breathing.


“Rebirthing” is the gift given to the world by Leonard Orr. He is a multi-dimensional personality. He is an author of 20 books. One day when he was in bath tub he passed out, and when he came to consciousness, he realized that he connected to his life in womb state and that he was breathing in a particular rhythm. Between 1962 and 1974 he perfected this method of breathing after hundreds of spontaneous experiences which he called “rebirthing”. His discovery is also called “Conscious Breathing” or “Intuitive Energy Breathing. Millions of people have benefited from this as they have relived and released their birth trauma, death urge and all kinds of limiting human conditioning.


The practice of this breath awareness is through conscious connected breaths, merging