Brahmashi Subhash Patriji

Subhash Patri … was born in the year 1947 … at Shakkar Nagar of Nizamabad dist. (Andhra Pradesh) … to P.V.Ramana Rao and Savitri Devi.

His earlier schooling was in the town of Bodhan and city of Secunderabad. College studies were completed in the city of Hyderabad.

After obtaining post-graduate degree in Soil Science in 1974, from The Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, he took up an assignment in a multinational fertilizer company in the year 1975.

Patriji married Swarnamala in the year 1974. He is the father of two daughters … Parinitha and Parimala … born in the years 1978 and in the year 1982 respectively.

Both of them are great meditators and experienced wonderful things in their meditation. Parinitha got married on 31st December 1999 to Srinivas Reddy who is a very great Spiritual Master ! He has deep spiritual insights into life, and has tremendous wisdom-knowledge !


Patriji became enlightened in the year 1979 … after some serious experiments with meditation. Since then, Patriji began striving hard to awaken and enlighten each and every individual. Further, in the following decade, he completed reading more than 50,000 books on science of spirituality and science of meditation.


Patriji established ” The Kurnool Spiritual Society ” during the year 1990 … in KURNOOL … with the sole mission of creating intense awareness amongst all individuals … about the science of meditation … and its primary role in providing physical, mental and intellectual health and well-being to all.


Patriji established the first pyramid in Kurnool in the year 1991. In the year 1996, a second pyramid was built in URAVAKONDA. Subsequently several pyramids were established throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh. Pyramid meditation, in the whole of the world, for the first time, was established by Patriji. Meditation when done inside a pyramid is thrice more powerful.


Patriji resigned from his job in the year 1992 … and took to uninterrupted service to the whole of mankind. Patriji’s dedicated efforts, since 1992, have resulted in hundreds of Pyramid Spiritual Societies being established throughout India.


Patriji has authored over sixty books and several audio and video cassettes and CDs … mostly in Telugu language … on various New Age spiritual science topics to-date. Under his authorship, vast amount of spiritual science literature in various languages … by way of magazines, books, audios and videos … has been created. Under his guidance, books authored by great spiritual masters of the rest of the world have also been translated into Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil etc.


In the year 1997, in the temple town of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, all the pyramid masters gathered and conferred the title of ‘ Brahmarshi ‘ on Patriji. Patriji travels extensively to every nook and corner of the country … including remote villages throughout the year … and conducts meditational classes to individuals of all ages, education or strata. To date, he has conducted thousands of workshops on Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and New Age Spiritual Science etc.


Patriji is also a great flutist and singer, and has devised techniques combining music with meditation for very intense meditational experiences.


Patriji promotes the concept of living with Nature by enouraging group trekking expeditions into deep forests and promotes full night meditation sessions, particularly on full-moon days.


Patriji has been honoured by a Life-Time Achievement Awardat the National Symposium on Science of Holistic Living and its Global Application, organized by AROGYADHAM at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sevagram, WARDHA, during the month of November 2006.


Patriji’s dream is to create ‘ dhyana jagat ‘ by the year 2012. It is time now for the whole world to embrace the science of meditation … that is Anapanasati ! The whole pyramid spiritual societies movement is geared to achieve that ! Patriji teaches that vegetarianism and anapanasati meditation are fundamental to world health and world well-being.


Name Subhash Patri
Birth Date 11-11-1947
Parents Smt Savitri Devi, Sri Patri Venkata Ramanarao
Primary School Govt. Grils School, Shakkar Nagar (classes 1 to 5)
Middle School Govt. High School, Bodhan (classes 1 to 9)
1960-62 Class 10 to 12 in Mahaboob College High School, Secunderabad
1963 Studied two volumes of Indian Philosophy written by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
1963-65 B.Sc., Arts and Science College, Secunderabad
1964 Death of younger brother Aravind
1966-70 B.Sc. (Ag), APAU, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
1969-73 Read several spiritual books … while preparing for civil examinations
1970 Income Tax Inspector, Tenali
1971-73 Competitive Exams IAS, IPS, ..etc..
1974 May Marriage with Swarnamala
1975 Joined as Asst. Sales Promotion Officer in Coromandel Fertilisers in Kurnool
1975-78 Learnt music from Padmabushan Dr. Sripada Pinakapani
1977-79 Spiritual friendship with colleague Ramachenna Reddy
1978 Daughter Parinitha was born
1979, October Exit of ‘ Subhash Patri ‘ from physical body … Entry of a Master
1979, December Enlightened by reading the book ” You Forever ” written by Lobsang Rampa
1979-83 Sales Promotion Officer in Coromandel Fertilisers
1980 Started conducting training in Spiritual Science for friends in Kurnool
1981, January-1 Meets Sadananda Yogi in Kurnool
1981-82 Association with Sadananda Yogi
1982 Daughter Parimala was born
1983 May Sadananda Yogi vacates the physical body
1984 Worked in Secunderabad Head Office as Telangana Districts Incharge
1985 Swarnamala Patri starts meditation and gets enlightenment
1985-1989 Worked in Secunderabad Head Office as Senior Agronomist
1990-91 Worked in Kurnool as Asst. Regional Marketting Officer
1992 Resigned the job, started preaching meditation full time
1993 Father Sri Ramanarao vacates the physical body
2006 Mother Smt Savitri Devi vacates the physical body
2007 Shashti Poorthi celebrations in Tirupati