Bhraamari Praanaayaama

Bhramari Pranayama – 1

Preparatary practice of M-kaara and N-kaara

  1. In order to chant M-Kaara, you can chant any word ending with ‘M’ such as ‘Om’, ‘Mum’,’Swim’, etc. but stretch the ‘M’ part only. This will result in ‘M-kara’ chanting.
  2. Chant ‘MM’ a few times and observe that your lips are closed, rows of teeth are separated and the tongue is just behind the lower set of teeth. (M-kara).
  3. In order to chant N’kara, you can chant any word ending with ‘N’ such as ‘King’, ‘Ring’, ‘Sing’ etc and strength the ‘N’ part only. This results in the ‘N-kara’ chanting.
  4. Chant ‘NN’ a few times and note that your lips are separated during this chanting.
  5. While practicing Bhramari, we need to use this sound of ‘N-Kara’ and not ‘M-kaara’ whereas while practicing naadaanusandhana we use the M-kaara’.


  1. Physical

Creates a soothing effect on the nervous system. Cultures the voice and increases the melody.

  1. Therapeutic

Relieves stress and cerebral tension. Reduces anger, anxiety, insomnia and blood pressure. Good for all psychosomatic problems as it reduces the stresses and tensions. Eliminates throat ailments (tonsils, pains etc) speeds up healing of tissue and so may be practiced after surgery.

  1. Spiritual

Develop the dimensional 3-D awareness. It aids in expanding the mind towards all pervasive awareness. It induces a meditative state by harmonizing the mind and directing the awareness in words.

Bhramari Pranayama – 2

Sthiti: Vajrasana

  1. Assume Chin Mudra.
  2. Inhale deeply.
  3. Exhaling, produce a low pitched sound resembling the bumming of a female bee.
  4. Feel the vibrations in the entire head.
  5. This is one round.
  6. Repeat nine rounds.


  1. During the practice of Bhramari use ‘N-Kaara’ and not ‘M-Kaara’.
  2. Touch the tongue to upper (hard) palate.
  3. Initially the sound vibration is felt more at the throat region only.
  4. With long practice try to feel the strong vibrations in the entire head region along with its resonating effect throughout the body.
  5. In the beginning, 5 to 10 rounds of Bhramari is sufficient. Slowly increase to 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. It can be practiced at any time to relieve mental tension.