Awareness Tools

What is Awareness?

Awareness is an understanding of the activities of others, which provides a context for your own activity. An awareness tool scaffolds awareness.

Awareness tools provide you with a number of ways of finding useful, thought-provoking, humorous, or interesting content you may not normally find..

Types of Awareness Tools

    • Physical senses
    • Inner senses
    • Books
    • Spiritual awakening programmes
    • Spiritual awareness and its forms
      • Flow
      • Unconditional love
      • Abundance
      • Intuitive insight
      • Creativity
      • wisdom
      • Raising world consciousness
    • Social – inner and outer surroundings, libraries, newspapers, tv..
    • Automated
    • Announcements
    • Songs, movies and
    • Breath – Divine Companion

Fundamental inner senses

Conceptualisation: Conceptualization is an inner sense that is exceptionally difficult to translate into thought; therefore, it can be more effective, for the thought mechanism is equipped to translate the movement of what you do in conceptualization, for you are merging with an action, not a thing. Therefore, you are merging with the movement of energy. You are merging with the movement of concept, not a thing.

Differential time: This sense of differential time allows you the ability to disassociate yourself with your created time framework within this particular dimension of physical focus. You in actuality use this inner sense very often. You engage this inner sense each time that you involve yourself with your dream imagery. You also, in what you classify as daydreaming, employ this inner sense. You, during other altered states of consciousness, automatically involve this inner sense. You do not recognize your usage of this inner sense, but your consciousness is intimately familiar with practicing this inner sense.

Empathic: You may use your empathic sense to be connecting with aspects of yourself which are affecting of yourself, and your may also be using this sense to be connecting with yourself. Each element, each molecule, each cell, each atom that you incorporate within your physical expression processes consciousness. In this, it experience. You may use your empathic sense to be connecting with the experience of you physical existence. If you are so choosing or if you need to be affecting of a challenge within this area.

Complementary Inner Senses

  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Tone
  • Touch

Types of Inner Sense

  • Inner Vibrational Touch
  • Psychological Time
  • Perception of Past, Present, and Future
  • Conceptual sense
  • Cognition of Knowledgeable Essene
  • Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality
  • Expansion or contraction of the Tissue Capsule
  • Disentanglement from camouflage
  • Diffusion by the Energy Personality

Awareness itself is the awareness tool