Ardhakati Chakrasana

Sthiti Taadaasana

  • While inhaling, slowly raise the right arm sideways up
  • At the horizontal level trun the palm upwards
  • Continue to raise the arm with deep inhalation vertically until the biceps touch the right ear, palm facing the left side.
  • Stretch the right arm upwards.
  • While exhaling bend the trunk slowly to the left.
  • The left palm slides down along the left thigh as far as possible.
  • Do not bend the right elbow or the knees.
  • Maintain for about a minute with normal breathing.
  • Slowly while coming back to vertical position inhale and stretch the right arm up, feel the pull along a straight line from the waist upto the fingers.
  • Bring the right arm down as you exhale to Sthiti position.
  • Come back to Taadaasana Sthiti.
  • Repeat the same on the left side, by bending towards the right side.

Note: Bend laterally. Do not bend either forward or backward.


Reduces fat in waist region, stimulates sides of the body. Give lateral bending to the spine improves function of liver.

Limitaitons: Ardhakati Chakrasana has no Limitations.