Absoute Truth and Relative Truth And EGO to non-EGO

Non Judgmental

We create our own reality and co-creating realities

Everyone is responsible for their Livev.. Everyone is doing their home works

We collectively hold the vision of the Grand Future where everyone is awakened. Heaven on Earth

We are masters of our destinies.. we are powerful creators of our collective destiny

It is birth right of everyone to step into their Enlightened States.

Letting go of the past is vital in making a shift

Trust and surrender to the life within you carries you through the rier of life.

Everyone is basically worthy and desirable. It is the truth.. Many lifetimes of storage of baggage of emotions clouds our consciousness and makes us feel trapped in the web of illusion

Life is simple.. Recognizing this truth will makes us flow

Ignorance of the self creates Misery and Suffering

Fear is birthed from ignorance

Joy is born out of illumined state of Being

Ego is developed over many lifetimes of delving deeply into identifications with only physical and mental and emotional stuff.

Soul awakening shatters all the illusions created by Eog

Journey from Ego to Non-Ego is the quantum leap

Non Ego states are expanded states which will take you to the Bliss

To remove ego It is essential to identify it. Then with the sword of wisdom cut through the Ego.

Diamond cuts through any material.. Truth is like a diamond which cuts through the layers of accumulation of past

Truth shall set you free.. the truth is that you are god and everyone else is God too..